Friday, January 30, 2009


Sky enjoying his candy cane.

What an amazing day... Skylar had the best day ever today, he woke up with lots of spunk and it lasted all day long. We were very busy playing all morning and afternoon, that when Skys dad got up you could hardly see the floor around Sky and I. So I did a quick pick up and went back to playing with my Sky. This evening he enjoyed playing ball with Moni and I, we played with his new Spongebob cards, and played 31 for a while, then i thought id show my kids how to build a card house, yeah right. Ah it was fun! Then painting, and I mean lots of painting. Skylar has been on cue all day, we have been working on his loud voice, and I must say he has found it, but now I dont know how to get him to use his soft voice, everything has been very load today :) but lots of fun, its good to hear him, and I mean hear him. In all today was perfect!!!

Right now Skys in bed waiting for his story that he picked out, but he didnt just pick out one tonight, it looks like mamas reading 8 books for bedtime story's. :)
Sky painting with his sissy, she wasnt moven fast enough... my little bossy boss.


Junior said...

Yeah Sky, I loved hearing about your good day. Great job with the painting and telling your sis what you want.
Big hugs

Junior said...

Sheila I love your new blog but it wasn't letting me leave a comment. It showed the word verification box but it was blank.

amanda said...

I thought he was saying black-ha he's too funny! Glad he's feeling better, and showing it!