Saturday, January 03, 2009

What a Diffrence a Day Makes

Skylar has had a wonderful day today, he spent some time up in his red chair, finger painting. Ive been working with his hand strength and control the past few days, he appears to have gotten a little weaker with this illness, but today his range of hand movement is so much better and he was able to paint and draw for almost 45 mins (YA) He is still eating VIA the NG, as he still has some junk at the back of his throat, but he is getting it out and it is getting to be a less each day, so hopefully in a few days it will be gone and he will want to eat and drink and swallow. Thats the last step to this bug he has had, regaining strength and getting the little bit of yuck out. He was even happy today, smiling and talking. It was so nice to see my boy!!! pray that the next few days go well and he continues to do good!!! hugs Sheila


hjoy said...

so happy to hear that Sky is doing better. Sounds like he had a great day.
Hugs and prayers.
Heidi & Junior

Izabell said...

i hope that your feeling better Skylar!