Thursday, January 29, 2009

All Knowing Oz.... I am not

I think sometimes, i need to remember that Skylar is a 3 year old, and kids sometimes just have mystery illnesses. But it is very hard to not see beyond him having SMA, and something small turning into something huge. So anyways my mad ramblings, Sky had a funky day on Monday, he got sick 2 times. Skylar has never been one to throw up, I think Mondays getting sick was the 3rd time in his life. Well after that he didnt want anything to do with eating, so I did, yep i put his NG back. I wasnt going to go down that road again. Unfortunately kids with SMA can go down hill fast, and that was a road i didnt want to travel. So I put the NG in and Sky had some pedialyte to settle out his tummy. he has been fine ever since, except for tonight, while taking his nap you could tell by his stats that something was bugging him, but he sounded crystal clear, his HR was elevated a tad and he just wasnt napping good. But when he woke up he was happy and his normal little self, but his HR was still higher then his norm. He says he is good, that he feels good, that he has no owies. So who knows, somethings i guess are beyond my control. Right now he is watching and talking with Blues Clues, just as happy as ever. The only thing I can think that would be bothering him is the NG. But I have to make sure he is up to speed on his intake before I can take it out, maybe he will be up to his norm by Sunday. So its just watch and see, you just never know. he is a kid, and kids get sick sometimes for no reason, and just like that its gone. I really wouldnt even call him sick, as he looks wonderful.

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