Thursday, August 31, 2006

Almost 3 Month Update

Look who is using there sippy??? Mama finally found the right cup.... It took a while, but now we got it and it works great.... As you can see Sky has it under controll!

What mom Im trying to take a drink..... :)
BUSTED........... Are flash lights made for the mouth???? No No Mr Sky.... But mom, it might taste good!!!!!
Check me out on my funky pillow! This thing is crazy.... it has tusk and a trunk and big ears... I Love It
Its the Bug Show... Staring Skylar and Mr Bee.............. Bzzzzz Bzzzzz Bzzzzzz

WOW I cant believe we have almost been home 3 months, its 11 weeks now. Skylar has made some really good head ways. His arm strength is just awesome, he throws his toys when he is done with them. (Its really cute) We have learned how to play peek a boo, how to throw a ball and how to wave bye bye. His hands are so strong, there are toys he has that when we first got home he couldnt pick them up and now he is tossing them around. His body strength is better as well, its hard to work the neck muscles, but he is doing it, he can hold his head up for a period of time. Im sure that by Christmas Ill have him back to where he was prior to getting sick. We have had our share of downs as well, like this little infection he got, man its taken 2 plus weeks to get him back to 100%. So we are doing great, no more trips to the hospital, just check ups. And we have only been to our doctor in Stanwood one time. He is however due for a round of shots, but they are going to allow Skylar to get back to where he was before he got sick before giving him any live vaccinations. Its still great being home, the older kidos start school in a few days (middle school)... How time flys, they were just going into the 1st grade. Next it will be mom can I have you car keys!!! Oh anyways my family is good, daddy has a great job with Boeing, and my big babies Moni and Chan are ready to tackle 6th grade. And mister man Skylar is getting ready to tackle the world. Thanks for reading and checking up on us, I hope you always will as Im sure there will always be something new to read about.

And I should let everyone know that the clinical trial in Stanford wont be happening in September. Skylar dosent meet the requirements of sitting alone for 3 seconds. So this just means he will be going through the next round, because by then he will have surpassed the 3 second rule of sitting alone. It just means we have to wait about 6 months or so. Ill keep you all posted.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Inch Stones

WOW I cant believe that this is my baby bug sitting up in his saucer, it was a little touchy at first, but then he got the hang of it. It is so good to see him upright!!!! I hope this will be the start of many more photos of Sky up. We had to use some propping, but Im sure over time, they will go away! I am so proud of this little man, he is so strong and so tuff!!! Way to go baby bear!!!!

Monday, August 21, 2006

Using Those Arms

Skylar is saying a prayer for little bug, Wednesday is a big day.... Protect and heal little bug, make him strong, let his surgery go great with out any problems. Amen

This ones for my mommy..... here mommy I got this for you.... I Love You :)
Smell........No no smell, well were did it go.... OK maybe I should eat it....

Hello daddy... daddy daddy daddy daddy... I cant get you on my phone... maybe mommy didnt pay my phone bill.... Well ok Ill try again later... I LOVE YOU
This darn phone.... Im shaken it and shaken it... But I still cant call my daddy... Oh man!
I didnt do it.... Cant you just see that look, it wasnt me mommy!!!!

What an exciting day! I love to see Sky doing things thats normally hard for him to do, or something he has never done before. Tonight we had a blast just playing on our side and using our hands. his face when his hands meet each other is just awesome, its almost like he is saying "oh there you are". Anyways its been a great day!!!!


As many of you know Connor is a special friend of ours. He is fighting so hard right now. He is back at Childrens awaiting a surgury date, that will hopefully be this week. His mom and dad for a specific prayer this time: "Selfishly we would ask very specifically that you all pray that God would spare Little Bug's life and allow him to make it through this surgery with great success. God is bigger than Connor's illnesses and He is a healing God. We trust in Him to preform a miracle on his behalf. Lord, in the midst of this crisis we trust in you. We lean on your word and we have faith to believe you for what only you can do!!!! Amen"

Thank You Sky

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Just Beautiful!!!!

There are no words, these two pictures speak for them selves.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

My Mama and I

This has been a much much better day, Sky is almost back to his normal cute little self. His stats are normal and there hasnt been any fevers now for 2 days. I hope he keeps getting better, because Sunday is family day at Boeing, and Daddy really wants everyone to go. And we are having dinner with Skylars Grandpa Ernie.

Monday, August 14, 2006

Feeling Much Better now

Wow what a crazy couple of days. We are feeling much better today, Thank Goddness!!! Here are a few pics taken earlyer today!

Friday, August 11, 2006

Felling Kinda Crummy

Feeling better today!!!!
Playing with my new toys!!!!!
Eating my frog..... and so far doing pretty good!
Yesterday... blah I felt icky... but chewing on my mommys phone seems to help!!!
AH Chew......... AH Chew.......... Feeling kinda funky here.........
Doing pretty good, playing and hanging out.... Its good being the baby!!!!!
Oh this new toy I Love, its a spider, and it makes me laugh and smile....
Im going to get it.... Silly spider what are you doing on my head????
The past three days I havent felt very good. Ive had a fever, and green boogers. My mommy and daddy took a sample of secretions to the doctor for tests, we will find out later today what Ive got. Although I am feeling better today, no fever and my stats are looking pretty darn good. But I still have light green secretions, so no mater what Ill be taking something to make it all better. So Ill let you all know later what it is. Im sure Ill be fine, right now I feel pretty darn good.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Having Fun


Jake took a cat nap and Skys sure he is on his toys!!!! Move kitty!!!
Trach and Jake were napping until Sky realized they were there, Sky says its time to play guys get up!

Its been so great having my sissy home, she plays with me and she makes me smile, but tomorrow she is going back to her daddys house for two more weeks. Also this weekend daddy bought a newer truck, its pretty neat. We took a little trip in it yesterday to see Grandma Helen. I like the sunroof the most and oh yeah the air conditioning. My sister and brother went to the Stanwood fair with my daddy on Saturday. I think they had fun, everyone was pretty happy when they got home. My daddy won me a tiger, and they bought me my own puppet. Other then that we have been staying in, trying to get this cold to go away! Im doing good, its almost gone... I just need a few more days I think.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pray For Connor Please

Our friend Connor (little bug) is back in the ICU. His daddy is on a mission flying in the war and his mommy is there with him. Please pray that the doctors give answers this time, pray that Randy, Connors daddy has a safe mission and that Lori, Connors mommy stays healthy and gets rest as she is expecting Connors little brother or sister. Put please pray for strength for Connor, pray that the Lord gives him gentle nurses and doctors. And please pray he gets well and goes home soon! Thank You Skylar and Family

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Getting Over My First Summer Cold

It has been a crazy week, Ive had the sniffles and a little cough this week. Im starting to feel better now. Man did I have my mama busy! There is Lots of suctioning when you have a cold, but she managed through it pretty good. So did I, because Im feeling better. My brother Chandler let me play with one of his puppets today, its a tiger. And I love it, it made me smile and laugh!!! Thanks Chan!!! Monica is still at her dads, I miss her LOTS!!!! Mommy has a coffee cup with her picture on it and that makes me smile! She comes home this weekend and I can not wait!!! Ill be all better and ready to PLAY! I heard that my bug buddy Connor is going to be a BIG brother, way to go Connor. Your going to be a great big brother!!!!