Monday, January 26, 2009

Skylar grumpy pants

One example, in past play, Sky thought it funny to have an ant on his nose, today you would of thought I was Torchering him.

Wow what a grump I have today, it could be he slept like total dog pooh last night, little man just didnt want to go to sleep. This morning it was all NO, all done, and good bye (meaning leave me alone and go) Now I can take allot, and I can put up with life threatening illnesses, but man oh man do i ever have a hard time with grumpy!!! So Sky is now napping and Im getting my house work done, I hope when he wakes up from nap in about an hour he is happy and not such a grump!


Junior said...

Oh Sky you and Junior had the same kind of morning. He was a total grouch also.
Hope the nap makes you feel lots better.

Devon said...

LOL, poor guy. I wonder what's bugging him. Well Mama, I hope you got some good time in there for yourself too!!