Sunday, June 29, 2008

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Our Day

Skylar playing in the game room today, he
is mommys little drummer boy :)
Blues Clues time

Always wanting to color, draw or paint.. I Love It!!!

Skylar on his pool floaty

The turtle dad found

Skylar was so HAPPY about that turtle

You just never know what kind of day we will have, this morning was the norm. And Sky had lots of up and play time, its hot so i wanted to go get little man a pool and floaty. Well about 30 mins before I was going to go I noticed Skys HR was up a bit so i checked his temp, oh yeah wouldnt ya know it 101.3, no reason for it, other then he was working on a poop... So i sent dad and Moni to get the goods and I sat with Sky trying to get him to go number 2, after about 20 mins he did his thing and fell asleep, I checked his temp every 15 mins and his fever was back to normal after 45 mins of falling asleep.

We set his pool up and got his floaty ready to go. But by the time he got up from his nap the mosquito's were out, so pool play time will be tomorrow.

Dad got Sky a few more color books, Dora and Trains... he loves them!!! While doing some coloring in comes dad with a gray bin, saying "you just never know what we will find" I asked him what was in the bin and he pulled out this turtle. it was wondering in between the RV and pond. Well Sky LOVES all animals, and he was so excited to see this huge turtle, walking on the floor.

Now he is watching blues clues with his sissy and having a good time, no fever. That was a hour and 15 min deal (strange I know) So tomorrow will be fun, swimming with mom :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

First Dental Apt


Got to love the pig nose I made for Sky, there is a blues clues where they all wear pig noses and now when Sky watches it, he can wear his nose too..

Skylar in Grandpa Ernies hat and glasses!!

Well Skylar will be seeing a dentist for the first time next Tuesday, and Im a little nervous... He will be seeing a specialist who only cares for special needs kids, so I should feel a little better but I dont. I dont like the dentist, never have. And they talked about doing a knee to knee apt, I dont think this will work for Skylar, so just in case we will be bringing his kid cart with as it lays flat.

On a good note our weather has been great, we have been able to get out for walks each day so far this week, and we love it...

Skylar also has an apt next Monday to have his blood level checked for the VPA, I hope it reads well and is at the correct level in his blood, if its too low we will go up on his dosage, and re check his blood level in 2 weeks.

I talked with our rep who is getting Skylars power chair, and they are getting it put together, so maybe sometime late next week we will have his new wheels :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Laughter, Frogs And Just Being Cute

Sky parked in the drive way

Skys got his flower

Look what I got!!!!!

Frog feet!!!!

there is not one day that goes by that he dosent do or say something that makes me laugh..... Love ya Little Man!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Skys New Game

One of the things Moni and I bought Skylar sat was a bath tub basket ball game, it has suction cups on it so it will stick to a mirror or table. Skylar loves it.... Its now one of his fav things to do when up in his red chair.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Sky Update

Zeus, our newest family member
Sky coloring in ihs new giant Go Diego Go color book

Skylar is doing wonderfully, back to talking and playing, sitting up and going for walks. On fathers Day we got Keith a new puppy. He is about 1 year old, and a mix of boxer and german shepard (I know funky mix) But he is a good dog and very cute. I am hoping he will make for a good watch dog while Keith is a way at work or on business trips. We have Bailey, but she would just lick someone to death. We named him Zeus.

Saturday Moni and I got to go out and do some shopping for Dad, and for Sky. We had fun and they both made out pretty good!

Skylar is back on his VPA, and that all seems to be going good. We are getting his power chair soon, a week or two. And we can not wait, next step is a van. Ive been looking and Ive seen a few, so hopefully in a month or so we will all be out and about :)

My big kids have 2 days left of 7th grade, I think they are pretty excited for Summer break, no more 6am alarms (at least for a little while) it will be so nice having everyone home....

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Saturday is a BIG Day

Sky playing Some Air Guitar

Sky Loves to be up and reading his books!

Color time with sissy

Skylar is back to his norm now 100%... And so is his daddy. Saturday makes 2 years from being discharged from the hospital after Skylar got so sick with the flu and was trached. We havent been back other then for check ups. Im so proud of my little man, he is one tuff little cookie... He has had one nasty bug, and a few small colds in that 2 years but nothing that required hospitalization. lets hope and pray that the next 2 years are just as gracious and kind to my little man.

Skylar is the biggest sweat heart I know, he likes to play I Love You game, I walk out of the room and come back in and I tell him I Love him, he tells me, no I Love You, he also likes to tell me no, no, no when he sees my ears (stethoscope) he knows if I have them Im going to listen, and he dosent think I should be, so I get no, no ,no...
And we have moved on from Spongebob, for now. Now Sky is into Blues Clues, it is so cute to hear him talking to the characters, saying a clue a clue, hi Steve and mail time.

Well thats about it for now, we hope you all have the best Friday you can have a wonderful Fathers Day.

Big Hugs Sheila

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Skys New B4SMA Blanket

MJ our SMA Queen and her life long caregiver Brenda made Skylar a new B4SMA Blanket, Thank You so much, he LOVES it!!!! Also Hjoy, would you leave me your sons blog address so I can book mark it and see his blog! (Thank You)

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Whoo.... 9 Days Later

Well after 9 days of sickness, Sky is doing great... He still has some buggies that require some attention, but he is sounding so much better and getting stuff out on his own. Today we played and watched his favorite shows, Blues Clues and of course Spongebob, read some stories and Im sure sooner or later we will have to do some painting.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

What A Nasty Little Bug

Sky this morning watching his Blues Clues

Sky last night, getting his lips ready for some kisses!!!

Well the past 8 days have been interesting and a challenge. This bug or virus is just about the most unpleasant thing Ive ever seen. I havent seen my Sky that sick in 2 years, poor kid. It starts with bad runny poo's, and it goes into a high fever, after the fever mellows out you get a cough, but its the type of cough that likes to tickle your throat, so for Sky its been a little of a battle to get him better. We were a little worried friday, but i was able to get him the nebs needed to help him open up, and so far so good. He woke up this morning as clear as a bell and asking to see Blues Clues. Im still doing nebs and cpt and cough treatments, but Im not having to be as aggressive (Sky likes none aggressive treatments much better) So in all, the bug is I think almost gone, i feel the worst has passed, and with some love and careful watching Sky should be his norm soon. I hope you all had a great weekend. hugs Sheila And I hope and pray that none of you out there get this, Its still kicking Keiths butt a little...