Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hand Washing

Ok to most of us hand washing, isnt rocket science. But, most people are unaware, and just dont know. So Im going to break it down, washing your hands can keep you free from illnesses like the flu, a cold or now swine flu. Keeping your hands away from your face can help you avoid getting sick, sanitizing when you cant wash can help kill the bugs that live on our hands.

When I was a kid, if any of us kids got sick, our parents had us stay home (IN BED) until we were better. Now a days, parents send there kids to school with fevers, coughs, green and yellow snot. What the heck happened, Im not that old, but so much common since has been lost.

So please everyone, we have a nasty bug in our country, help fight it, wash your hands!

A little experiment
Next time you have to go shopping, be it be for food, clothing whatever. Take 3 mins while in the store, and just watch the other people. Im sure you will see, someone rubbing there nose and touching something, someone sneezing and then touching something and someone coughing and then touching something.
This is how nasty bugs spread, someone not feeling well has just left a little nasty something for the next guy or gal. All it takes is someone else picking that sneezed on item up, and lets say they get a tickle on their face so they rub it, in fact they are rubbing the other persons germs all over their face.
I see it each and every time I go out, its pretty nasty. No one will sanitize and almost no one will cover, and if they do cover its covered with hands and not the inner part of your arm.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Masked Monday

Skys butterflys hatched over the weekend, and he loves them. I think he will be a little sad when we let them free in a few weeks. So Im sure ill be buying more.

Friday, April 24, 2009

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Hair Cut Time

Skys got his summer cut, so now all we need is more sun!!!!

Monday, April 20, 2009

First Trip out side with Skys power chair

All ready to get out side "come on, lets go"
WOW Im out hear in yellow

Daddy you drive, this is just to bumpy for me.

In the shop helping daddy with his tools

Daddy and I getting ready to have a race!!!

Chan got me a frog last night, mom and I had fun with it for about an hour, then she set it free.

Sky in the shop playing ball with Bailey, and laughing with his daddy

Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Post, Lolly pops, caterpillars, silly faces and the morning line up

Sky enjoying his butter scotch lolly pop

Silly undertaker faces, he was cracking him self up (and me too)

ok anyone who has not done the caterpillar thing, needs to!!! One week ago they were maybe 1/4 inch long and today they are headed up top to start to transform into butterflies, Sky has enjoyed seeing them grow every day and still does not believe me when I tell him they will be butterflies soon. So when they do come out of the cocoon he is going to be surprised!

our morning line up, my cats are so funny... we were only missing one this morning, and she isnt into crowds. from left to right: Baby Gator, Squig, Love, Smoke, Sassy, Elvis and Pat.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

My hubba bubba playing with his race cars, he is really getting into cars... We love it!!!

Ah... notice the chipmunk appearance, I had to see the dentists today, and I have to go get a root canal (oh ya) but I guess it could be worse I havent seen a dentist in 25 years, so i wont be a complainer to much.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Mr Sleepy, we had a busy afternoon while Keith ran across the state picking up our big kids, Sky enjoyed over 5 hours in his red chair, we drew, raced cars and enjoyed some goodies. he was down long enough to get his butt changed and drink half his milk.
enjoying his Spongebob sucker

NOT liking the hat, but it was from grandma Helen so we had to put it on, especially while racing Mater and Lightning.

All slicked back looking oh so cute!!!!

Enjoying a Spongebob cartoon

so cute!!!

Brave boy, still loves his crabs, one got away from us earlier today, it took me 20 mins to find it hiding in some stuffed animals.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Skylars Video Pick

Eggs, bugs and crabs

I couldn't resist, and Sky loved it, what little boy wouldn't want a blues clue on an Easter egg.
Skylars eggs. I keep it simple no dye, just markers and a paint brush, plus it takes a little loner to color your eggs this way.

Our caterpillars came the other day, and Sky thinks they are pretty neat, he just watches them wiggle around.

And when they stop he shakes them

Last butt not least, Skys hermit crab loves to hide, I guess they all do, but this little guy keeps trying to hide under Skys butt.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Wonderful Sunshine

First fog of the year

Oh man was he happy to catch a frog

In the shop with daddy getting some much needed air in my tires

ah... music and good old sunshine, Moni was my sunshine babe today

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Perfect Day

Playing with all the balloons

Having some carmel sunday

getting a bit messy (but he is spouse to right)

Looken cool in my shades, going for a Birthday drive!!!

Did someone say we were going to go get ice cream, oh ya this Birthday rocks!

Sky and all the balloons, his and Chans

dude LOVES his Birthday gifts, hermit crabs... He played with them for more then 3 hours today.

I think this one likes Sky as much as he likes it!!!!

This is the shy crab, he dosent come out of his shell like the other one, but Sky dosent seem to mind, he plays with this one too.

Happy Birthday

Chan very happy with his new cell phone (we got him the Rant by Samsung) its a pretty cool phone!
Good morning my big 4 year old!!! Skylar very happy to wake up this morning to 4 balloons...

Skylar and his new fish Clue.... Its a royal blue Betta

Sky and one of his hermit crabs, this one is a little shy, the other one will walk all over you, Sky named them Spongebob and Patrick... So I think next time I go out Ill buy bigger shells and paint them like Spongebob and Patrick.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sky and Chandler, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Sky woke up a happy 4 year old his morning and Chandler is a sleeping 14 year old...
I dont know what our day will hold, but I do know everyone is happy, healthy and excited about being 4 and 14. The weather is excellent right now so we will all go get some ice cream later and take a little drive, I still have a few goodies to wrap and give to Sky... Its just going to be the perfect day spent with my family :)

I hope you two have the best day ever, I Love You mom