Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nothing Better

Then Snuggle Time
Skylar is the best cuddlier! He has caught his brother and sisters cold; he is doing pretty well with it so far. He has had it for about 5 days now, the older two it lasted about that long, so Im sure for him he will have it a few more days. Its not a real bad cold, runny nose and a tickle cough at the back of your throat. (No congestion) Thank God. So Ive been keeping pretty busy, assisting him with coughing and some extra suctioning. He is in great spirits and is singing and talking away. He gets his RSV shot on Monday and I think he has past the 27 lb mark, which means 3 shots (Yikes)... So we had our doc give us some numbing gel to help with the pain of the shots (Thank You)... Other then that we are doing pretty well, I hope Skys cold is gone soon, he is so great with the extra treatments, buts its always worrisome for mom and dad when he isnt his normal self. So keep him in your thoughts and prayers that this cold is gone soon!!!! Thanks Big Bug Hugs Sheila And the picture was taken last night, I think he looks pretty good for having a cold!

Monday, February 19, 2007

Meet The Rest of The Family

Smokie (Old Man) Dads baby Bailey Dog

Miss Sassi (so pretty) Mamas baby

Squeakers Mamas other baby

Heres our pretty girl, enjoying a rest after
playing ball with mom.

And hear is the old man, stuck on the top of
the screen door, dad had to get him down. Man
does he like screens!!!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Pictures and More Pictures!

Chan and Moni by the pond

First day at the new house

HAPPY 12th Birthday Moni!!!

Chocolate Yum :)

Mom and her Sky

Got to Love that smile :)
Just out of the bath.....

Puppy Love!!!

Sky Loves his Elmo book!

National park Eichele

one of the ponds

Me and my high chair
Skys part of the living room

Our house from the pond

Do you think the older kids will swim in it this Summer?

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sorry No Pictures Yet

Everything is going great, kids are all happy and so are mom and dad. I havent put pictures up because Im waiting for Keith to set up the routers to the kids computers. I had to dump all my pictures from the camera into Chans computer, and I cant access them until were all connected, hopefully this weekend. Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Were back online :)

What a CRAZY past few weeks... It was a very long and hard move... I think it took Keith and I moving to really see how much we need each other to get things done. I would be home with Sky and he would be moving things in, and vies versa... But we made it, now the fun stuff unpacking whats left :( Ya know Im tired!!!! But I have to find the energy and get it done. Skylar and Moni and Chan LOVE the new house, the kids had so much fun sledding out past the barn when we had all the snow... Its been great to see then running around and playing. Oh and Bailey our dog... she is in heaven hear... She didnt know what to think of the ducks at first, but I think she is getting use to them.And Skylar he is just my amazing little man, he has done 110% better with this move, his secretions are way down, he is clear 98% of the time, and enjoying his time off his machine. He was off for 4 hours straight, and could have gone longer, but of course I had things I had to do... But as soon as all this moving stuff is done and I can focus 100% on Sky he will be off all day in a few weeks (Im pretty sure)... Theres lots and lots more to tell you all and TUNS of pictures. But Im going to have to post them Sunday.... Big Bug Hugs Sheila, Keith, Skylar, Moni and Chan