Friday, January 12, 2007

Moving Day YA

Well Keith has today and Monday off so we can get moved, and from what I can tell, he plans on having us at the house tonight... So if all goes well last night was our last night in the old house. We are all so excited!!! There are a few things he cant get out of here on his own, so they will have to stay behind until Sat, when we have a few friends coming to lend him a hand. Skylar is doing great! Were inside allot more now that its so cold out, but Im sure as it warms up we will start getting out and about, at least walking through he property, he is so going to love that. We will be off line for about 2 weeks, I dont know when Keith scheduled to have out internet hooked up, and were going through Dish so Im sure it will be a while.

So to all of our friends out there, it might take me a while to post. Keep your little ones safe, happy and warm. Connor I cant wait to see pictures from your party on Sunday, and I cant wait to read your feeling better and that nasty old cold is gone. And Izzy I cant wait to see all the cute pictures of you, Im sure your mama will be busy with the camera, and I cant wait to hear how your doing too. Im sure your going to be doing excellent, your such a cute little girl with an adorable smile. So I guess this is it, see you all in a few weeks!

Big Bug Hugs from Sky and all of us!!!!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Moving Moving Moving

I forgot how much I do not like moving... Boxes every where, and the mess. Well Im happy to say that I am almost done packing, I should be able to finish up tonight. I cant wait to get all this stuff out of here and into the house. I did some painting in the new house, but will finish once we are there. Its to hard leaving Sky home and only being able to be gone for a few hours, Ill get more done when we are there permanently. Skylar dosent know what to think ( I think) he looked at me like are you crazy, your putting all my toys in those boxes, And when I say boxes I mean boxes, Sky had 8 huge boxes of his stuff alone. I couldnt believe it! We have had a very busy couple of days, Keith celebrated his Birthday on the 5th, and we also lost one of beloved kittys that morning, so it was a little sad. But other then losing our kitty and packing we are all good and cant wait to get out of here!!!!!! 5 more days!!!!!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Happy New Year

Our New Year celebration was good, mellow but good. We had Monicas 1/2 sister Alyssa spend the night. Skylar enjoyed playing with Alyssa and of course the fireworks at midnight. Dad napped on the couch and Chan and Moni were busy with the PSP's. The past few days have been a little crazy!!! Ive got a big part of the house packed up and Im going to try to finish up the bottom floor today and start upstairs on Thursday. The goal is to be all packed by Sunday so I can have 5 days before we move to clean, clean, clean :) We are all very excited andcant wait for the move, its going to be a breath of fresh air! Keith and I have the keys, we got them on my birthday (what a gift) and we will be painting the inside Thursday, Fri, Sat and Sunday, having your own painting business is going to come in very handy. So wish us luck and wish mom some sanity through the craziness.