Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a wonderful start to a day

The Skylar Im asleep game...
and he is awake!

Good morning Mr Sunshine

Skylar watching our 44th President make history!!!!
he isnt to sure what is going on, other then it must be good by how happy mama is acting while watching it.

Skylar in the kitchen with mama, enjoying all those beautiful flowers.

I just love some of the faces Skylar makes, he can be so animated!

Time for a sucker and a ride out to the living room, moms all done with those dishes, and I think its time for some Blues Clues, come on lets go!


hjoy said...

Sheila those pictures are way too cute. He is so animated.

Anonymous said...

Great new site and love the pictures!

amanda said...

Aww-the new blog look is cute, but not as cute as Sky and his animations;)