Monday, June 25, 2007

Skylars Check Up Was Today

Skylar had his 2 year check up today, I know were almost 3 months past his birthday, but I wont take him in to the Drs office during cold and flu season. But he is a whopping 29 lbs, (50 to 60% on the growth chart) and he is 38" long (80 to 100% on the growth chart). His doc gave him a clean bill of health other then the SMA and trach. He was super cute, waving and saying hi, I asked him his name and he said Eichele, too cute!!!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

New Pictures


BQ Ribs last night!!!

Ice Cream

Nap Time

Daddy and Chan with the Lego 787

Mr Bear takes a ride

Sky and Mr Bear see a frog

Sky, Mr Bear and Moni


Chan, Sky and Moni

Reading my book

Talking to my daddy!!!!

Hello all, its been a long time since posting any new pictures of Skylar. he is doing great and growing growing growing... We have had the honor of hosting the SMA bear, this is a special bear that has traveled the world, he comes and stays with all the SMA children. Sky loves to talk to him and cuddle with him. We will be sending him off to Australia on Monday :(... The auctions are doing good, Ive raised money for the Charity's and will be hosting a few more auction over the Summer. Monica and Chandler are now official 7th graders, WOW! I remember the first day of school... Before I know it, it will Graduation time and college... But they are both excited about Summer vacation, we dont have any big planes, but it will be great just to have them home. And who knows, mama might have to spring a surprise trip there way. So all is good in our home and we are all happy and full of love....

Friday, June 01, 2007

A Few New Pictures ;)

Looken up to see the Bi-plane fly by...
Skylar tonight on our walk by the one of the large rocks in our yard.

Skylar and Bailey.... did you see what the dogs doing? (tasty toes)

I dont think its going to mater much to me how big he gets, I love pictures of Sky sleeping!

Oh... this is cold mama.... but oh man is it good!