Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Bald Eagle Visit

These are the trees right behind our house

this is why we love where we live, it doesn't get any better then this.

This afternoon we had one of the two bald eagles that live behind our pond pay us a visit, I was just happy I was outside at the time to see it, and of course take some pictures.

Alls Well

Sky had it in for the pilot today, he was tyring to eat his head (Thank God its all one piece or he might of got it off)
Checking on the snow outside, oh yeah its still there, Sky likes it, myself Ive seen enough!

In motion

My beautiful boy

Got Milk?

Sky and I napping last night, Moni thought it funny so she took a pic. (its not very often I nap with Sky, but I was whooped)

Skys been doing great! Happy, playing, talking up a storm, keeping me on my toes. He has a rep for his power chair coming out next wednesday to make some adjustments, and maybe give him a different joy stick, we will see how it goes. other then that not much happening in our little world. Waiting for Spring to get hear, we are ready to get out of the house, maybe in a couple of weeks :)

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Thank God

I finally got around to cutting Skys hair!!!

Music man and Playing with food

Who said you shouldn't play with your food, well I think they were wrong, we had a blast playing with ours!

Skylar looks like he is conducting the band to this song, kids got good taste in music!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Apples and Oranges and New Splints

Im so excited, Skylars wrist splints came in the mail today, I was a little worried he would hate them, but he didnt seem to mind them one bit!

My Skylar today enjoying his lollipop
Skylar fast asleep with his apple in one hand and an orange in the other, he slept with them all night :)

Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Energy

well Mr Skylar has been on the go go go all weekend, right now he is the living room playing with his airplane, his red ball, listening to his fav rock n roll and watching Spongebob. now heaven for bid if I were to turn one off or take a toy away, he is enjoying all of them at the same time. Skylar had a great weekend, he was up in his power chair so much yesterday that we had to charge it twice, and he was in it this morning until it was time to charge it... Keith went shopping and found Sky 2 new Spongebob movies, he has been busy soaking them in, not that he hasnt seen them, just not all at once. Moni and Chan should be home from the others in a few hours. Its the peek of flu season hear, so I am Lysol control for the next month and a half. Lysol patrol is where every day I spray all (yes all) hard surfaces down and let sit, after its sat for a min or two I wash it all down with hot soapy water. Thank God Keith bought me more Lysol from Costco last night (Im sure Ill use them and more) Got to keep as many bugs away from my kids as I can.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Pipe Cleaners

so who knew that pipe cleaners could be so much fun...

Ready for the weekend

Sky had fun playing with is big sis, she has this effect on him!!
Skylar being Ray Mysterio, I best watch out or he will sneak up on me and do the 619, this kids crazy sometimes in his chair.

oh my Mr wrestle wrestle

hanging out and playing with the airport, I think for Skys Birthday in April we are going to add on to this toy, make a little city for him.

Its been a good week, we go report cards, Chan has a 3.22 and Moni has a 3.8, I Love good report cards!! Way to go guys!!!! Moni and Chan had mid winter break Monday and Tuesday, so that was fun to have everyone home. Both kids got a lesson is cleaning Monday, they were disinfecting and dusting and doing laundry (it was kind of nice to have the help). Skys been doing great, just being a kid. Our weather this weekend should be nice, its been sunny almost all week (but still very cold) I cant wait for it to warm up enough so I can get Skylar outside... maybe in a few weeks. My dad was up yesterday, he had to take his RV in and have some work done before they head down to spring training. I like to have my dad up, we enjoyed lunch and got to spend a little bit of time by ourselves. No big plans for the weekend, just glad its almost hear!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fun with pipe cleaners. And painted noses!

Skylar with his Plankton
All the wonderful creatures Sky asked to be made, we have butterfly's, dragon flys, apples, banana, spider, Patrick, Spongebob, Mr Crabs and Squidward.

Skylar sporting his pipe cleaner glasses and playing with all the shapes he wanted.

Oh i think he is going to like these :)

Skylar and his tag team champion belt!!!

Mr man up in red playing with his motor cycle and listening to music.

yes time off the machine, mama loves time off

Skylars spider he painted

A picture of my love bug!

OK look close, inside the drawing you can see where Skylar tried to write his name, SKY

Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Way Out w/Pictures!!!

the chamber

Our favorite, The Undertaker

Keith and Skys sign, which I did see several time :)

Hornswoggle and Finlay, we love to watch both wrestle.


John Cena waiting in the chamber.
The kids and Keith had a blast, Skylar slept through the entire event, but I recorded it for him so he is watching it now and having a blast.

Well they are off, Keith, Moni and Chan have excellent seats for the WWE pay per view No Way Out, its going to be one heck of a show. All of the wrestlers my kids love will be there, they are so excited to see the Undertakers entrance (Lucky ducks) I cant wait to hear all about it and see the pictures. of course Skylar and I will be watching from home, and this time I know the seats they have will be vi sable, and we will see the sign Sky and I made for them to hold up. I cant wait!!!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

An outing with my Moni

As most of you know I do not get out much, especially during cold and flu season, Im in with my Sky. But Friday Keith had the day off, the kids had no school. So i took Miss Moni out. Our first stop was to make a hair appointment to get her a new dew, they couldnt see her until 3:30 so we headed off to McDonalds, order in drive through and parked to eat. After we were done eating the Montero wouldnt start, oh boy... I was able to get a jump and headed home to switch vehicles, I took my Montero and left the blue one home with Keith, Chan and Sky. Moni and I went shopping, then we went to cold stone ice cream and got shakes, (the best shake Id ever had) and went for hair cuts. Dad and Chan hung out at home with Skylar, Skylar was so excited to spend some time with the boys, that when I told him dada and bobo were going to hang out with him for the day all he could do was smile and wave bye bye to me (little munchkin) So when we got home I asked Chandler, how was playing mom for a few hours, and Chandler said you have a hard job and Im tired (too cute) Moni and I had a great time, she got some cute outfits, and now Im going to paint her nails for no way out tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day!!! Sheila

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dada and Sky

Tell me more dada...

Just being boys, talking about wrestling on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I live for these moments!


Skys stander did finally get hear, to bad it was nap time and Sky was so tired. he did get back up in his power chair to see how we could make it easier for him to operate. he does great other then turning right??? So we are going to try a few different things next week, setting his joy stick in line on a tray, move the joy stick down or get a complete different joystick called a mini. (this is the joystick I wanted from the start, the mini) so we will see. So by the time we were done with the power chair, Sky was more then ready to get down. So the stander is hear for me to figure out (ya)... Once I have it set Ill have Sky up, but Im pretty sure it wont happen until tomorrow morning.

Skylars Stander Comes Today

It has taken 2 year to get a stander hear at the house for Skylar, its been nuts. Well today it will be dropped off, I can not wait to see how Skylar does, I know it will be slow go at first, it always is, but my goal for Skylar would be to spend about 2 hours a day standing, we will see...

Monday, February 09, 2009

Shift Change

Good morning world, Im ready for a new day :) Sky at 5:30am

it seems about every 18 months Skylar likes to do shift change, we were on his daddys schedule, and now it seems we are back on day shift now, up at 4:45, painting and drawing by 6:00, so mamas haven a hard time getting moving, i got use to night shift. Oh well give me a day or two and Ill adjust (I always do) At least this way I can see my Moni and Chan in the morning a little more...