Friday, September 24, 2010

not to much has been going on, Keith is working lots, Chan and Moni are busy with school, and Sky is looking forward to Halloween, we are going to turn his purple chair into a monster truck (should be cute). He is really getting into the seasons and the holidays that each one holds. Ill post pictures as it starts to take shape! Oh and next weekend we will be doing our deck and making thresholds so Sky can get out of the house and through the sun room to the deck, should be fun!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Perfect as perfect gets

This morning I got Sky up at 5:00am, he had a bath and got ready for our day at Childrens in Seattle. He did awesome! and right now is sitting in his red chair watching you tube and monster trucks, rocken out.

It is so much work to pack everything up and make such a trip, but we did it and we did well, nothing was forgot, and our trip went great. Sky saw pulmo, trach clinic and his nutritionist. Everyone said "he looks amazing" "he is doing so great" and "keep up the good work guys". It always amazes me when they find out he has not been back to the hospital since our discharge 4 and half years ago, I like that fact, and hope and pray we can keep it up!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Special Gifts from North Dakota

very very happy

Skylar playing with his new Monster Truck ramp from Aunt Ruthy and Uncle lary
Monster Mutt is from Sara and Ivan
Skylar was so happy to get gifts this morning from his Aunt Ruthy, Uncle Lary, and cousins Sara and Ivan, Im pretty sure you all made his day (: And with the add of one stick, he can play with it with out me doing it for him while in his red chair!!!! Thank You so much, Miss and love you guys!!!!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Sky and his new blanket, I dont know why it posted this way?
Ivan and Sky playing on the Ipad
Sara blowing bubbles for Sky
Sara, Chan, Ivan, Moni and Sky

We had family come out from North Dakota over the Labor Day weekend, it was so nice to see everyone. Skylar got to meet his cousins Sara and Ivan for the first time, and he LOVED them! Sara made all of the kids blankets, they are so nice and warm!!!! We had a great weekend visiting and catching up! I can wait to see them all again, maybe in April for the boys Birthdays, or maybe for Monis sweet 16 in January, I dont know we will see. Skylar is being home schooled by me, I know that allot of SMA parents have there kids go to school, but it just isnt worth the risk for us. Skylar is happy with having mama teach him, and Im happy do be able to do so. Ive set goals for him to reach, and Im sure he will make every one of them!

Skylars school goals: Learn to read, count to 50, learn the seasons, tell time, write his 1st and last name, and we will start to learn math.