Saturday, July 28, 2007

Skylar Is Just Amazing We Love Him So Much

Skylar has been doing so wonderful, he is growing like a weed and getting his strength back. Its a little slow, but its progress. Skylar has been the key to almost everything positive in our lives. He has the best smile and the cutest voice. Regardless of his SMA he is our little boy, and we just adore and love him so very very much! You go Sky, you are our little rock star!

Friday, July 27, 2007

Tent Time

Skylar and his sissy snuggling in the tent on Sissy's blanket. Skylar taking a peak outside....
I like this mama, I like this lots!!!

Skylars first view of the inside of a tent...

Oh my gosh...can you just feel the love!

I think I might have a future camper on my hands... Skylar LOVES to be in the tent, he enjoyed some tent time with his sissy Moni and I today. We had Keiths sister Viv and her husband Dan and Keiths brother Duane and his wife Dore stop in on Wednesday from ND and they left this morning, we all had a WONDERFUL visit... But I was BAD BAD BAD I didnt take any pictures, dont know what I was thinking..

Anyways we are all good and enjoying our weather and each other!!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Have To Cancel

Well I am going to have to cancel Skys pulmo apt tomorrow with Dr Carter... Im a little bumbed, but theres not allot I can do. Keith just found out that he has a class in Seattle at 7:00am and Skys apt is or was at 10:30 am, and we are waiting on a new stater for the other Montero, so right now were down to one vehicle. Ill get him in to see him in August, I just hope Dr Carter isnt mad that were rescheduling.....

We had a bit of excitement this weekend, there was a hawk hanging around and Sat, it was sitting on a log down by the pond and our dog Bailey saw it and ran up to it barking like mad, she was about 1 foot from it and it just sat there... So I knew it must be sick or hurt and called the wild life rescue team in Snohomish, they were more then happy to come get him, so Keith managed to get a blanket over it and we had a large wire cage that we placed him in. They came and got him but from what the man said it didnt sound so good for the hawk. He thought that maybe he ate something and was poisoned. Poor bird, it was absolutely beautiful.

We have some family coming out for a quick visit on Wednesday, Keiths older sister Viv and her husband Danny and Keiths older brother Dewayne and his wife Doreen. They drove to Alaska on a trip and on there way home are going to swing in to see us.

Other then that, not to much going on in our house, just lots of play time, hugs and loves... I bought Sky some of those markers from Crayola that only draw on the special paper and he LOVES them. So we have been doing allot of drawing. I hope all of you are well, and are having a wonderful Summer.

Also we have had two sets of new kittens born this week, my babys had babys. We have wo orange and white ones, and 3 black ones with various markings. After the babys are grown enough, Ill take the mamas in to get fixed.

Monday, July 16, 2007

New Pictures

OK I about died today when I peaked in on my Sky getting ready for nap, after a min I was just laughing and laughing some more, I guess its his views on SMA??? He didnt know what he was doing, but mama sure thought it was funny. Daddy and Sky playing with dads new phone, Skylar must of sat there for 45 mins just looking at everything it did, it was too cute...

A quick peak at my love bug having some time off his machine during all heat... Thank God he can be off his machine, because let me tell you high humidity and high heat do not mix well with a trach and V-Pap set with humidification, he was so wet, i felt so bad for him. So a few hours off did him some good.

OK... have any of you ever seen a green tree frog with gold spots... No joke, it looked like someone gold foiled him.

One for the money....two for the show....Three to get ready now go cat go.... our little Elvis impersonator....

Showing off that incredible smile!!!!!

Skylars sissy came home from being gone for two weeks with her dad, and was he ever happy to see her, and then he got this grumpy face and stared at her, and if I could read his mind it would of been saying "and where have you been???" it was super cute!

We have our Pulmo apt in Everett with Dr carter on Monday the 23rd... This will be Skys first apt in 9 months, wow how time flys. I think Dr Carter will be very happy with Skylar and his progress. He is now up to 7 hours off the V-pap... Or I should say thats the longest Ive had him off, and he does so wonderful. But each and everyday is different, he has good days and he has days where he will tell you no to taking him off. On those days I listen and let him be, and he has days where he dosent want to go back on, so were still working out the kinks. So Im excited to go and see what Dr Carter has to say....

Sunday, July 08, 2007

For My Sissy

Sissy sissy how are you?

Your my friend and I Love you...

Sissy sissy how are you?

Your my friend and I Miss you...

Monday, July 02, 2007

Pictures Pictures Pictures

Skylar enjoying some time off that V-pap, he loves being free My sissy keeping me happy with my drum... I hope the next two weeks go fast sissy, your my best friend and I love you so much!!!! I cant wait for you to be home on the 15th!!!

Oh Daddy Loves are the best!!!! My daddy makes me so Happy!!!

Skylar playing around with mommys shades, he is such the goof!!!