Friday, January 28, 2011

Paying it forward

This story is about what Kaitlyns family has done to help another child with SMA out of the sadness of losing a child, they gave another child a voice, they are amazing. Get out the tissue, if your anything like me, you will need one!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


^Kaitlyns^ special Valentine, the rose was made out of the same dough, and there is a special message on the back from Sky.

ok I have no idea why its side ways

This year we are exchanging Valentines with 38 other SMA families, we did one other time about 2 years ago. This year I thought how cool would it be to make Valentine ornaments, so I made a salt dough, shaped each heart, baked them and painted them, they turned out so cute, each one is different. 2 of them are extra special, one is for Kaitlyn who was laid to rest on Monday and the other is for Violet who passed away yesterday.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hard Day

Today has been one of the hardest SMA days Ive had in 5 years. We have a very awesome SMA family, most of the people I have met have been vis email, chat or texting. But we have become one big happy family, we look out for each other, help each other out, offer advise and prayers. Just today we lost 4 little ones, yes 4... I ask that you pray for my SMA family, for those that have past and for those who continue to fight!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Yes my dads cat is back for the winter, as they have set off for AZ and much better weather, Hairold is sitting pretty in his cat hut, watching the craziness. As you might remember he got out last year a few weeks prior to my dad getting home, Im hopeful that he learned his lesson and wont try that again this year!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

What a wonderful day

Happy 16th Birthday Monica

wow 16 years ago I welcomed you into my life, this world, and just look at you, your beautiful, sweet, caring, smart, you have common sense and a head on your shoulders, you have been a delight every day of your life, and I Love You more then words could ever say! Happy sweet 16 Moni!!!!

Sunday, January 09, 2011

Playing with daddy

Last night Sky had so much fun hanging out and playing trucks and skulls on his Ipad with his daddy. When his daddy would play Sky would go for his nose, something about trying to pick his nose (funny kid)

We have snow this morning, it is beautiful, there is nothing like snow covered evergreens, so beautiful! They are calling for cold over the next few days and snow snow snow later this week. It sounds to me like Monica will have a white sweet 16!

Friday, January 07, 2011

A new year

The Ipad, the best thing we could of ever bought for Sky! This kid amazes me with where he goes and what he can do, the Ipad opened up so many doors for him!!!
dont know what this face was all about, but I keep thinking "how you doing"

cuddles with his Valentine

so we had a good New Year, New Years eve was my 40th Birthday, my lovely family was so cute they hid notes all over the house for me, my dad and step mom came up and made a donation to GSF, and bought me some new dishes (: .I did an online Birthday wish on FB, and I was so happy to donate almost 400.00 to GSF.

The 5th was Keiths Birthday, we had a yummy dinner and ate chocolate revel bars, he went and picked up his Birthday gift yesterday, new tool box for the shop.

Grandma Rosengrens Birthday is on the 12th, still got to figure out the right gift to get her, I know Sky will be a big help, he just loves his Grandma.

Monis sweet 16 is next Sunday the 16th, we have a small get together planned, well I guess not to small 15 to 20 people. We are redoing her room for her for her sweet 16! Moni is back in school, and Keith is back to work, so things are getting back to the norm, if there is such a thing! I hope you all will have a great new year!!!!

oh and the tooth fairy visited Skylar, she took his tooth and left him a money shirt, yep a 5 dollar bill folded up to look like a shirt, at first he just looked at it like "what am I going to do with that" then I unfolded it for him, once he saw it was money he was so happy!

Ive been busy getting Christmas down and put away, I think Ill have it all done today. Its kind of nice to see my living room again!
Skylar playing lasers with his daddy the other day, these two battled for almost an hour

Monday, January 03, 2011

Tooth Fairy comes tonight

Sky lost his 1st tooth a few mins ago, he was so brave, I wiggled it a bit and pulled it out. Sky says it feels kinda funny with out it. So now he is excited for the tooth fairy!!!!