Thursday, April 26, 2007

For Angel Kalair

I drew this for Kalairs family, I know a drawing wont bring her back. But hopefully this picture I drew will be some kind of comfort to them. She was so beautiful... she will be missed so much.


I dont think there is anything better in this world then cuddle time with your family! Skylar just addors his daddy so much!!!
And I dont know about you but do you see and feel the love hear??

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Some Days Are Just Harder Then Others

I dont get on a soap box often, but I have to say that SMA really sucks.... yesterday we lost Kalair and I also found out that there was another child who lost there fight as well. I think in the past 6 weeks I know of at least 7 little ones from age 2 to 7 that have lost there lives. Thats way to many babies taken way to early. SMA makes me so mad, everything is a struggle, and what really makes it hard is that there isnt anything set in stone when it comes to the care of our children. One person says do this and another says to do this. Well I do know kalair would still be alive if there wasnt a major error made at the hospital in regards to her diet, but Im sure the medical people there will find away to get around it. Its just so frustrating to me, SMA kids have a hard enough time staying alive, and an even harder time just being healthy. I just wish someone would educate the medical professionals about this disease, and if they dont know then please Lord make them at least listen to the parents who care for these kids 24/7. Ok Im done..

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Earning Her Wings

Today has been sad day as we have lost a beautiful little girl of seven years of age, Kalair, she fought a good fight against SMA, but today she earned her wings. Please pray for her family and her friends, and hold this little girl close to your heart.
Please visit her web page at

Friday, April 20, 2007

Daddy This Ones For You

Today was an GREAT day!!! Mommy had me sitting up and I did really good... Then mommy and my sissy took me for my first walk of the property... I LOVED all the tall trees, I kept looking up and up but I didnt see how far they went. Those are some pretty big trees.

And Daddy this is why this blog is for you, this picture is just for my daddy... Im helping pick up all the sticks... Its kinda fun, they feel different, I dont think Ive ever held wood in my hands, I Like It!!! I Love You Daddy and I cant wait to be out with you and Mommy this weekend getting more sticks!!!

Bigger Frog Visit

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Birthday Party Pictures

Skylar this morning playing with his leaps car, Thanks Grandpa I Love it :)
Daddy brought home 10 balloons, and Skylar is just mystified..

Skylar and Grandpa Ernie having a staring contest!!!

Skylar and Grandpa Ernie getting ready to duke it out... (Not really but it looks like it)

Skylar and his Great Grandma Rosengren

Great Grandma Rosengren and Moni, Sky and Chan

Skylar and his balloons....

Daddy and his Sky watching Chan open his gifts...

The Birthday table.

Skylars Spongebob cake and Chanlders monster cookies...
Skylar and his mama singing Happy Birthday, as you can see Sky could care less about the cake, he sees the gifts...
We had a very good day with everyone, Skylar was a trooper, he missed his nap to visit with everyone, but 2 mins after everyone left he was down for the count.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Skylars Birthday Party Cake

We are having Skylar and Chandlers Birthday party this afternoon, mostly grandparents and great grandparents. I made Skylars cake last night and I have to share it with you, I think it turned out pretty good. Ill post pictures of our gathering later tonight or Sunday.

Monday, April 09, 2007

Skylar at Easter

Skylar playing with his new toy
And Skylar eating the pen....

I Like to draw, maybe one day I can draw like my mama....

Peek, I see you back there with that camera mom...

And mamas favorit, fast asleep in his chair with an egg in each hand...

We had such a wonderful weekend, Keith and I got tuns of yard work done.. And when I say tuns I mean tuns. Skylar enjoyed sunngles with mama and daddy and lots of play time. The Easter Bunnt brought Skylar a magna doddle, he loves it! Good job Easter Bunny!!!!

Saturday, April 07, 2007

What a Wonderful Day

Skylar and the baby tree frog, mama just saved it from going in Skys mouth!!! Check out our little visitor resting on Skys head :)

Oh yeah I think Im going to eat you, you look pretty tasty!!!
Wow, it was such a great day, the sun was shinning and we had just the best day ever, there was a little green tree frog jumping around the yard yesterday so we brought it in and showed Skylar, he loved it! Such the little boy, he picked it up several times and attempted to eat it... Mama would let him though, but it was so cute, this little frog was so freaked out it was playing dead. So I thought it had enough of Skylar and we put it back out side. Then it was time to go for a ride in the Montero, we loaded Sky up and went for a drive around Stanwood, he hasnt been out of the house in what seems forever. He loved to see everything, he kept looking around and he loves to look up through he sunroof and watch the clouds. After our little drive we took him to DQ for a hot fudge Sunday, I dont know what his favorite part of our drive was, but Im betting it was the ice cream, I couldnt feed it to him fast enough. In all we had such a GREAT day, oh and I got him the Ant Bully, that is such a cute movie, he watched it 2 times before falling fast asleep.

Thursday, April 05, 2007

First Easter Egg

Skylar and his first Easter egg, he trying to check it out, it was pretty cold.
Hmm... Lets see what it taste like...

Hold still mama, Im trying to color hear....

WOW... last time I saw my egg it was white with red, now its blue and red, but does it taste any diffrent???

Ugh it taste nasty now, what did you do to it mama???
Oh I guess its ok, it is pretty cool looking, Im just not sure what Im suppose to
do with it now.... Mamas said something about a big bunny and baskets and some kind of hunt.
Sounds fun, I cant wait!!!

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Skylars Birthday Pictures

Skylar had a GREAT Birthday!!! Thank You everyone for all your warm heart felt wishes today... Skylar enjoyed his day with a nice nap and lots of play time with his sister, brother mama and daddy. We had a great day, Skylar had lots of fun with his chocolate mousse, I think he enjoyed smashing it more then eating it, but thats ok. This birthday meant the world to me, I was so happy to have my baby home and to see him enjoy his first party. Our big bash is on the 14th, and Im sure it will be just as great! Thanks Again everyone for your warm wishes. Big Bug Hugs Sheila

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

HAPPY 2nd Birthday Skylar April 4th :)

Today is Skylar and Chandlers Birthdays, Sky is 2 and Chan is 12. This is a very special Birthday for Skylar as by turning 2 he has beatten the odds of SMA, SMA kills half the children disagnosed before age 2, it is the number 1 killer of children under the age of 2. Also its special because he is home... We are having a private family birthday party today, daddy has taken the day off to celebrate with all of us, we will have a speical dinner made by mom and cake for Chan and chocolate pudding for Skylar... I am so proud of my little Skylar, he is just amazing, he is the most beautiful person inside and out. Please enjoy the slides I put together of Skylar and the past year, we have had one incredable journey. I Love You Skylar!!! You make your mama so HAPPY little man!!!!