Monday, January 12, 2009

back to independent play (ya)

Well my Sky has returned, he lost some strength over all these crazy illnesses, but is slowly gaining it back (Thank God) Losing strength is the nature of the best we call SMA. SMA kids have a very low reserve, and Im sure if it would of only had been one illness he would of been fine, but he battled 3 in 6 weeks. So were working on getting some movements back. And he is doing pretty good, today he was able to throw ball with me and be up in his green chair and color for over an hour. And he is playing by himself again, this means i dont have to sit and entertain him all day, I am free to do house work and get some cleaning done.

He still has the NG, and will until he is ready to start eating orally again, it could take a few more weeks. patience is a virtue! He has been a major droll monster, were talking rivers of droll. Ive never seen anything like it, but he is pushing it out and just going about whatever it is he is doing, so I would say its not bugging him any.

My Moni turns 14 on friday..... wow 14.... She is having a few friends over to sleep over and party it up. Should be fun, Sky loves all the attention he gets from Monis friends!

So in all, everything is good, and getting better!!!


hjoy said...

So glad to hear that Sky is feeling better. Looks like he enjoys coloring with his marker.
Big hugs, Heidi & Junior

Aiden's mommy said...

We are so happy that Sky is finally over all the yukies. Hopefully, we will regain all his movements soon. Tell Mona to have a very happy birthday!
Biggie hugs,
Dawn and Aiden