Friday, October 30, 2009

Bye Bye cold

well Im pretty sure Skys cold is gone, I can hear him perfectly and can clear him with one set of cough and suction. But Ill keep up with everything for another day or so to be sure. Moni and Chan are both gone for the weekend, so it will just be Sky, Keith and I home for Halloween. Nothing planned, other then carving our last pumpkin and maybe watching a good movie. Skys never really done the trick or treat thing (to cold hear at the end of October) I didnt even get him a costume this year (for that I feel kind of bad, he likes to dress up) Maybe Ill buy him a few after Halloween so he can play dress up through out the year. Anyways I hope you all have a GREAT Halloween!!!!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Day 4 of cold

Sky this morning ready to go, go, go
Puffer treatment, I have to LOVE the age of 4, Sky will tell me when he needs a puffer (so cute)
crazy bed head, but happy
making a call to Lightning McQueen last night
Sky is doing great with this cold, its nasal and trunk, but with the help of puffers, CPT and cough treatments, its been pretty low key (yes Im knocking on wood) Sky had his first great nights sleep last night, I got up every 3 hours to check on him, and he sounded great all night long. Now this morning, holy cow, mornings seem to be when all the junk rises from no where, but we got it out and Sky in now enjoying some up time in his chair while playing with his race cars.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Colds, Pumpkins and Yummy Treats

Sky this afternoon racing his cars
Some of the pumpkins, we have 4 or 5 more to carve
eating some homemade frosting
Decorating his cupcakes

Skys cupcakes
Monis homemade cake and frosting

So everyone in our house has been dealing with a cold off and on for the past week. I feel confident that it is just that, a cold (rhino virus). No temps, no chills, no fatigue, just runny nose and junk in the trunk. It never amazes me on how careful we are and how much I disinfect, that germs can run so rampit in our home.

Skylar has also come down with this cold, I think Im the only one who has not (and Im praying it stays that way) Sky is doing great, eating, playing, up in his chairs, talking and doing his norm except for the junk in his chest and runny nose. i will say the junk is getting better, not as much today as yesterday. So Im hopeful that with a few more sleepless nights Ill be able to get him back to his norm. Right now his sats are great 96 to 98 HR is up a little but not much and his RR is normal. Im doing cough and CPT with saline and albuterol nebs every 3 hours, so he is getting medicated nebs every 6 hours. no over the counter meds needed. If you didnt listen to him or suction him, you would not know there was a cold in his chest.

Chan is doing good, his tooth has not changed colors, so we are hopeful that it wont!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

How Things Got Handled (NOT)

well no one talked with Chandler today at school. We found out from Chandler that this kid has been suspended for a week.

A few things that are making me upset:

1. we have not got a phone call from the school, expressing anything, nothing, zip!

2. we have not heard from this kids parents expressing anything, nothing, zip!

3. we are not happy about this kid only having 1 weeks suspension...

4. Chandler is going to be eating a liquid diet for 4 weeks.

5. I want to know who is going to pick up the medical bills?

Medical Bills so far in hand: Dentist bill for tooth placement $695.00

Medical Bills not yet received:
Xrays from the dentist office, Xrays from the doctors office, bill from the doctors office.

So there is allot of unfinished business, a phone call will be placed in the morning to the school, where I hope and i pray they will have some answers ready for us.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Chandler Update

Chandler is doing ok, he is in pain, but its manageable. He did not go to school on Friday, but will go in the morning. Sometime tomorrow he will tell what he remembers. We talked to the school and oddly enough they had NO KNOWLEDGE of Chandler getting assaulted at school or even hurt. How is that possible? Id want to know if one of my students was hurt, especially assaulted... So i am going to give them until Wednesday to contact me, allow them a few days to figure it out, and then on Wednesday I will call and expect answers. I am anticipating that the kid who did this will be expelled. And I am also anticipating that someone will be picking up the medical bills. So we are in a holding pattern.

Thursday, October 15, 2009


I have to ask, What is wrong with some kids? Chandler was assaulted at school today, he has friends who saw what happened, Thank God, because Chan does not remember what went on. he had a front toot knock out and is pretty scratched and bruised up. he got to the dentist to have the tooth placed back, but that only has a 2% chance of taking. His tooth is now wired in his mouth to 5 other teeth to help keep it in place. Ya know my kids are all good kids, and he in no way desired this. We have filled a report and have the police looking into it, tomorrow Keith will go talk with the principle and give her the name of who did this and who saw it happen. So again, what is wrong with some kids today????

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Hanging out

Sky giving a ride to baby kitty Whiskers...
Skys awesome drawing of a whale and jelly fish...
Ah... nothing like cuddles with sissy!!!!
Sky playing with his Obbi eyes
Just being cute!

I think hanging out is what we do best, we have had a good week. We had 2 trees taken down on Tuesday, that was such a good idea (one was DEAD). Moni and Chan are doing great in school, and Sky is just as awesome as ever. Hear are a few of my picture picks from the past week!

Saturday, October 03, 2009

Thursday, October 01, 2009

Play Time

NO idea why this poste sideways, and it wont let me fix it (sorry)

Skylar has been keeping me very busy the past few days, he is enjoying his time off his machines and actually asking for time off now (which is wonderful) he has found that his remote control cars race much better on the kitchen floor, and that if you set up 16 oz cups to crash into its even more fun. Time down has been limited, but when he has been down, he has been breaking in his
GEO Track train set.