Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Well today Sky has shown me he can swallow, and that he enjoys his foods (just not his milk) For dinner he wants tomato soup and green beans, so were gonna see how he does. If he eats like he has so far today, tomorrow, Ill take out his ng. As he will be eating what he needs, just more food, food... YA :)

Update: well Sky did good with his dinner, he actually had mash potato's and gray and apple sauce, he tried the green beans and I think they were to much texture for him right now. He just got done having some orange sherbert. So in all he did do pretty good with food today, Ive been thinking about pulling the NG, but I feel like Im rushing him. his NG is due to be changed on Monday, so i think I will leave it until then, and see how he does over the next few days eating. If its anything like today, he should be fine pulling the NG out Monday. So thats about it, eating and doing well....


hjoy said...

WooHoo Skylar, keep on eating.
Sheila I love the new background, where did you find something like that?
I would love to find one with reptiles, bugs, or giraffes for Junior.

Junior said...

thank you for the link Sheila, I just gave our blog a face lift.