Saturday, January 24, 2009

Whats Missing????

Yep Skys nose candy is gone, he is doing pretty good... So its time for him to prove himself, and do it by himself. If for some reason he doesn't do well, or if he starts to swallow everything down into his trach, I have another ng I can place, and more coming next week.
But I dont want to do that, and I know Sky is tired of the ng too, so say a special prayer the next few days that all keeps going good.


Junior said...

Yeahhhh Sky, so glad to see that you got that NG tube out. We will be praying that eating goes smoothly so you can keep it out.
Big hugs. Heidi & Junior

Devon said...

YAY! Now Dakin and Sky are twins! YAY FOR NO NG TUBE!!!

Hey, in response to your question--the trach collar trial is when they take him off the ventilator to see if he can stay off for a bit. I don't think it'll go well just yet--until he starts breathing more with his chest, but we'll see!