Wednesday, November 26, 2008

To be truly Thankful.. Dinner for 2.5

wow, if you really think about the title post, there are so many things to be thankful for. I would have to say I am truly thankful...

Im thankful for so much, most of it small, but in my world, they are huge. Im thankful for my family, my awesome husband who works so hard for all of us, for my daughter Monica who trys her best at school, who loves to dote on her little brother and who is general a very good kid. Im thankful for my son Chandler, he trys his best to do everything just right, he is a good student and a great big brother. And Im so very very thankful for my Skylar, Im thankful for his smile (which is constant) his little voice, Im thankful for each and every second I spend with him, playing, singing, laughing, Im thankful for every breath and every move he makes (even if its picking his nose). Im thankful for my SMA support group, these people are so amazing, and I love each and everyone of them as if they were a sister or brother, and the kids, wow all of the SMA kids I know hear on earth and for those I know up in heaven, you are all truly a blessing and gifts from God, and I love each and everyone of you! I'm thankful for such wonderful doctors and nurses, its so nice to be able to call and get what I need or my Sky, no questions asked. Im thankful for a wonderful insurance rep, Sue you are the best, Thank you for checking in on us and making sure Sky has everything he needs! I'm thankful for my cats and dog, for our home, coffee and Pepsi (yes, I am thankful for them). But most of all I'm thankful for the job in which I have been given, wife, mom, and all thats goes and comes with it. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Sheila

Monday, November 24, 2008

My Littlle Rocker

Skylar loves his music, and he loves 80's rock n roll (just like his mama)... I love turning it on for him and watching him dance and wiggle.

Ive finished up the Christmas decorations in the house, now I just have to get my mess picked up so i can get a good pic for the blog. Sky was my little assistant, telling me where things should and should not go.

Chandler is gone for the week, he is off to Montana with his mom for Thanksgiving, lets pray they have a safe trip, and that he has a good time. he has already asked to come home and got into trouble.

So that means Moni is doing the walk to the bus stop alone this week, I dont like that and if I can get up before MR Skylar Ill walk her down to the bus. But this morning he spoiled that plan by waking up at 5:30. So I gave Moni permission to take her phone with (as long as she has it off during school), just to make her and I both feel better (its a crazy world we live in, better safe then sorry)

Lets see, Keith is busy working, and Im busy hear at home with my little loves. Ive finished Skys Christmas shopping, and this weekend Keith or I will finish up Moni and Chans Christmas. All that will leave is for me to finish up some drawings and get them mailed out, finish up our SMA gifts and get them in the mail.

That would be about it, I hope everyone has a wonderful week! Hugs Sheila

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Naughty or Nice

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cuddles From Sissy

Can you feel the Love :)

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Call Us Crazy... but

We LOVE Christmas!!!

Its just a start, and Im sure we wont be done until next weekend. But so far so good (and Sky just loves the tree)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

A Wonderful Time With Family

Left to right; Chandler, me (Sheila), Skylar, Larry, Keith, Ruth and Moni
left to right: Grandpa Ernie, Monica, Chandler and Grandma Joyce

Ruth and Larry

Monica, Ruth, Keith and Chandler

Chandler and Monica making MONSTER Cookies!!!!

We had such a great visit with Ruth and Larry, Ruth is known for her cookies in ND and we have all sampled her goodies.. So its been a baking frenzy around hear, if Im correct she has filled our freezer with well over 60 dozen cookies (maybe more) Oh and they are all so good!!!!!

Keith was our busy tour guide, and took them to see the Underground in Seattle, the Boeing tour, the falls, a drive through LaConner, Space needle and lunch on the pier. And lots more.

Sky has been good with all the company, we were dealing with extra boogies from our weather change so he was very quite the first 3 days, once his body adapted to the weather his was his regular self, chatting and talking away.

We had a great early Thanksgiving, all the food turned out perfect and everyone got their bellies full. Sky even enjoyed some dinner and when he was all done he told it "good bye dinner."

I should say that my dad came with his Christmas gifts form Monica and Chandler, he is taking them to Disney Land in 3 weeks! Lucky little turds!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Alls well in the house of Eichele

busy, busy busy..... That says it all. In the past 3 days Keith has taken his sis and her husband to the under ground tour in Seattle, pike place market, Iver's, the space needle, Boeing tour, Deception pass, Fort Casey and today they are going to Snoqualmie Falls... and ill be honest Im sure I missed something! Tomorrow is a more relaxed day, as we are having people over to have an early Thanksgiving... they head back home to North Dakota soon. Ill post pic in a few days. hope everyone out there in blogger land is staying healthy!

Friday, November 07, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away and MORE

Shh Skys reading a letter from his girlfriend princess Leah

well our fall/winter has started, and the A typical rain storms are a foot. Its pretty nasty hear from Nov to March. Skylar and I are hunkered in for the next few months as cold and flu season start, but it goes by pretty fast when your playing and having as much fun as Sky and I do.

we had our make a wish team come out last Saturday, two very nice girls. Well i guess they are not girls they are both married with kids (they just look so young) well younger then me I should say. So we made our wish, and I think we are going to get it, so ill tell everyone what it is when we find out for sure which one they will be doing for Sky.

On Monday our eldest cat Smokie was attacked by our dogs, and we thought his back was broken. We took him to the vet and Thank God no broken bones, but they did do some muscle damage to his thigh. he is home resting and healing, with mom helping him every step of the way. He may not get full control of his leg, so its a wait and see. As far as the dogs go, they were and are in BIG trouble. Zues will be going to a shelter on Saturday, and bailey will get a second chance 9only because its so off character for her to do something like this)

we are all getting ready for family to come visit us from North Dakota, Keiths sister Ruthie and her husband Larry. The kids are so excited, and so are Keith and I. So that means Keith is on vacation until next Monday.

Weare having an early Thanksgiving this year, Moni and Chan will be at the others for Thanksgiving... And its been at least 15 years since keith has had Thanksgiving with his big sis, so I have a 27lb turkey in the freezer and all the fixens, there will be about 17 people hear on the 13th (I cant wait... I LOVE COOKING HUGE MEALS Im so excited)

Skylar has his yearly pulmo apt on the 17th, this apt was bumped out 2 times by his pulmos apt setters, so lets hope that this apt dose not get changed. because if it does we will wait until late Spring. (to many bugs out there and not enough people with enough common since out there to know if your sick STAY HOME)

The big kids will be getting report cards in about a week, i think they both did good after allot of getting after Chan, he is starting to pull it together. Moni did a paper on Adolf Hitler and her teacher told her it was the best paper on Adolf Hitler he had ever seen, so YA MONI!!!!

So thats us in a nut shell. We hope everyone has a great weekend, if your in the North West (stay dry) Sheila

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Skys Loot

I think Sky has enough candy to last him a year or two!!
My Sky and I

Just venting

I seem to have a hard time with new SMA parents, well not all of them, but some... They seem to think that life goes on as normal, but it dosent. SMA kids are so touchy and delicate, the slightest change in weather can set them off. Our kids require constant attention, be it be with breathing treatments, CPT, cough assist and suctioning, to neb treatments. Our kids also require physical attention, and allot of it. My day is 90% Skylar (and thats no joke) the house and other motherly things happen when Sky is sleeping and or napping. And you have to keep them going and doing, they dont move like a regular child, and you do 90% of the moving for them, be it be repositioning, playing games, reading, drawing, arts and crafts, you have t be there all the time. So I wish that doctors could teach these new parents how to care for an SMA child, but helping them to understand they are also children who sometimes get a cold bug, and that if your doing what you need to be doing your child does not have to go to the hospital every time they get a fever or a little something. Its not easy being the parent of a very special needs child, but its worth it every second of every day. Ok Im done now....