Thursday, October 30, 2008

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!!! My big kids wont be home tonight for Halloween so Sky and I will have are own little trick or treat, I told him each time he tells me trick or treat he gets a treat, so we will see how it goes. And a little later today we will carve the Great Pumpkin, per Skys request it will be a mad Blue. And then we will finish off our night with Smack Down (the undertaker does his thing tonight) we cant wait to see it!
So sometime later today ill post all of our pumpkin pictures, so come back and see!!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Great Day

Today I had our pediatrician come out for lunch, along with our 2 favorite nurses. We had such a wonderful visit (and yummy food) I made shredded beef enchiladas, rice and beans... Oh and dont forget the cookies ;) they are all so proud of how well Skylar is doing, and can not get over how big he is. I measured him just so we could see how long he is, he is 42" long! I know, he is going to be a big kid! Dr lassinger brought his 3 year old son with him, Simeon (what a cutie pie he is) Skylar however was fast asleep during the entire visit ;( But we will have Simeon come back and have a play day, soon... Also they brought out Skys flu shot and gave it to him while he was sleeping, all he did was peak to see who and what and then went right back to sleep (little pumpkin) I also got my flu shot and they left me with one more to give Keith (yeah right) he wont want it, but Ill try, if all else fails I can give it to one of my kids. So its been a fun day, with good people!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bugs, Wedges and Pumpkins

I got Skys new wedges in the mail Friday, and I love them, they are big enough to support his body (like they should) I think he likes them just as much as mom.

Skylar playing with his pumpkins that his speech therapist gave him. he really likes the little one, the gourd he calls bumpy!

Shaken his pumpkin off his tray, Sky had a blast playing with his pumpkin the other day, shaking his tummy so the pumpkin would roll over, he thought it was so funny!

Ah... a caterpillar, Sky just wanted to touch it and touch it again, i asked him "is it fuzzy?" its fuzzy nana, its fuzzy. Needless to say the little caterpillar was a big hit!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Candy Land and Fishing

This past weekend I bought Sky his first board game, Candy Land. He loved it, it was nice to play some games with him, I also found this really cute fishing game, we have been having so much fun with both of them. Also I included a video of Skylar in the morning, he is so cute, talking 100 miles per hour, and very animated, (its the best way to get woke up) hearing his voice.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday, October 17, 2008

Not to much

Skylar playing with his new WWE figure HHH
Oh he is a happy boy, his WWE figures came, so he has been busy playing with HHH, Undertaker and Batista.

Skylars over stuffed mickey mouse from Grandpa and Grandma

Skys been working hard on tongue control, he is sticking it out further and further then he ever did before.

hugs and Loves from Dada

Skylars new coloring book and pens.

We havent had to much going on, Skylar speech therapist brought him out 2 little pumpkins and a gourd, he just loves them. the smallest pumpkin in about as big a silver dollar, and Sky has been sleeping with it every night (too cute).

My dad and step mom Joyce got back from there adventure of the US, they had a great time! they brought the kids wonderful gifts, a scratch a sniff pare of PJs for miss Moni, gold for Chan and a over stuffed Mickey for Sky (plus a few cute other things). We all enjoyed a great visit last night and dinner, it was good to have them home :)

Today my mother and her friend came up from Auburn, she brought me up a huge fig plant. Im not sure as to where Ill put it yet, its pretty big, and she brought Sky up a Halloween shirt, i havent put it on him yet, but will sometime this weekend (it lights up and flashes).

So thats about it for us over the past week. We hope you all have a great weekend!!! Sheila

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Blues Clues and More The Funny Side

Moni and Sky, watching video games
Its Blue him self!!!
Skylar looks so cute in his Blues Clues outfit

Skylar made this bird mask last night, with a little help from mom.

Skylar is doing great, he loves being up and running around the house and doing whatever it is our big kids are doing. Keith and I got Skylar a lift for off the deck, so now we just have to put in a gate for it, so maybe in a few weeks, Skylar will be able to get outside in his power chair!!!
Skylar cracks me up, today before he fell asleep for his nap he was sure he needed to be up in red, repeating him self over and over "get up in red", now Sky has some sure signs of being tired, the biggest one is his ears (they turn bright red when tired) well his ears were very red and I knew he had a very busy day, so I would answer him with "no red nap" he would look at me and say "nap???" like what is this nap thing, I dont know what your talking about. So I let him be for about 3 mins, all the time you could hear him singing along with his show and just talking away, well after 3 mins it was silent, so i peaked in on him, and sure enough, he was sound asleep. I just love my little bug :)

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Pic Of my Sky

Skylar has been busy being up, up, up... he hasnt wanted to drive his power chair the past 2 days, why Im not sure... but Im sure he will want to go running around the house again soon. Not to much has been going on hear, Sky will get his flu shot on the 28th... our nurse from our peds office will come out to the house and give it to him (so nice)... its getting to be that time of year with colds, flu and RSV, which means inside time for Sky and I... but Im sure it will fly by, and before I know it, it will be Spring!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

A night at RAW

The WWE RAW stage
Batista confronting Y2J, Good verse Evil

Matt Hardy

Kane kicking Matt Hardys butt


One more of Batista

well my kids had a blast and so did Keith, Moni came home with a CM Punk shirt, and Chan came home with a hardy Boys shirt, Im sure they are wearing them to school today. They did have much there for Sky, so Keith and I went online last night and bought him 3 action figures, Undertaker, Triple H and Batista. They should be here in about a week.

Skylar had speech this morning with Miss Heidi, she is so nice, and just thinks Sky is a doll. he likes her too. They read story's and played with farm animals.

Monday, October 06, 2008

Thank You Junior

Today Sky got his 1st Halloween card, and its from our blogger friend Junior, He LOVED it!!!! Thank You so so so much!!!!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Monday Night RAW

This is Chans poster for RAW

This is Moni's poster for Monday Night RAW.

Keith is taking Moni and chan to RAW on Monday, it is a live event and they will
be sitting on the TV side, so for you who watch RAW look for them... I am in the middle of
making posters, Keiths is done and I put a pic of it at the bottom. Ill finish up Moni's
Sat and Chans on Sunday. As soon as the other 2 are done Ill put them up too.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Skylar Dancing... Yes dancing

Skylar is so cute, I know it may be hard to see, but Sky is bouncing up and down in his chair to the music. he is so funny sometimes (well ok all the time)

last night he enjoyed playing hide and seek with his brother and sister and dadda even got in on it, he was so funny... Finding everyone and saying "I find you" and when it was his turn to hide, he would hear who ever saying Skylar where are you and then Sky would say "uh oh" he had us all in stitches :)

And today, he has been up for about 80% of his day, and when Sky gets tired you can tell... He asked to get up in his red chair, but you could see he was exhausted and in need of a good nap, so I told him, Sky you take your nap now and when you get up, mama will set up your yellow and we can do some driving. he was asleep in about 2 mins....