Friday, April 30, 2010

Hairold the cat and our Birthday bash

So after being gone and in the wild for a month, we found my dads cat Hairold :) he is very thin, but gave a good hiss as he left. Im sure my dad will tend to his every whim and get his weight back on. We were all very happy he was found, nothing like living with the thought you lost your dads pet...

This sat we are having our BBQ and birthday party, we have family and friends coming over, Ill post pictures this weekend. Praying for good weather, and for everyone to have a great time!!!!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Ipad fun

This game is called Angry Birds, it is so much fun

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I Love our walks

Moni and Sky, they are just too cute for words....

Sky happy with his flower, I didnt have the heart to tell him it was a weed, oh well
watching the field get mowed
a crown for the king
the boys enjoying the sun shine too
Chan walking down to walk with us
our weather has been nothing less them amazing, amazing, amazing... we have enjoyed 2 hours walks.... I can only hope it starts to stay this way, I Love getting Sky out of the house, even if just around the house. Today we saw the river as Sky calls it (its a creek) we watch dad mow, we watched the alpaca, played ping pong (yes Sky played) ...

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Perfect day in the Pacific Northwest

Sky enjoying the ping pong games
family time in the shop
looking good
soaking up the sun
got to love my Moni Mon
Bailey ready to play
today has been amazing, our weather was nothing less then perfect. We all enjoyed a long walk around and then we went down to the shop for some ping pong (yes I even played) It was great, we watched a few air planes fly over, and headed back in. it was the best hour and half....

Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter Happy Birthday

Happy 15th Birthday Chandler
Happy 5th Birthday Skylar

type.... type....type
Playing with his Ipad

Anyone with a special needs child, needs one of these, it is so easy to use, and will serve to be an amazing tool for Skylar.
Jon Cena action figure, i think he likes it (:

All my kids, Moni, Chan and Sky
The Birthday boys
3D art explosion, how cute is he!
Moni and Sky playing

Sun glasses from the Easter Bunny
Looking through his Easter Basket this morning

Friday, April 02, 2010

Birthday weekend

The boys Birthday weekend is upon us, Chan had a birthday party last night with some friends from school, he requested a giant cookie (as he does every year) I think he likes them. The boys had fun, and are still hanging out in the game room playing.

Monica has been in Disney Land all week and is now flying back home, Keith will go pick her up from the airport at 5:00 (I cant wait to see my girl) I just wish she wasnt flying in with this wind.

Skylar has been counting down to his Birthday for 2 weeks now, and is getting very excited for Sunday. He says its like Christmas, which it will be....

So plans for the weekend are: get Easter gifts, and wrap presents, pick up a cake and decorate it, make chocolate mousse and decorate it, color eggs, and catch up with Monica and her vacation pictures.

We were going to have an outing Sunday to the locks, but with our weather, wind and rain that wont be happening. But thats ok because I know sunny days are soon approaching!