Sunday, June 26, 2011

The start to summer

sorry guys Ive been so busy that I have not had allot of time to blog.  We are still in a holding pattern for nurses, we did contact a family law attorney and we have been advised on what to do next, so keep us in your thoughts as we look for answers and deserved services with the proper trained nurses for Sky.  Also he has been growing like a weed and has out grown, well, pretty much everything.  So Ive ordered him a new stroller, EasyS (I cant wait), a new tumbleform feeder seat, toilet/shower chair, a new sling for his hoyer and a new car seat.  Praying insurance dosent hold any of it up like they have help with nursing....

Moni and Chan are now out of school and enjoying the summer, Moni had a few friends over the day school got out and the party lasted 3 days, she and her friends had so much fun!

We are all looking forward to getting out and enjoying all we can this summer, next week we have the fly in at Arlington and we will be taking Sky to see Cars 2, the week after that we are heading to the ocean for a few days so Sky can fly his kite!  I hope everyone has a great summer!

Friday, June 10, 2011

wow long time no post

Sky lost his tooth last week, Im just loving the toothless smile!

watching airplanes out on the deck

 look at that smile, Skys all ready to do some crashing

we are all good, getting ready for school to be done so we can start having some summer fun! now if only our weather would start acting like it should and warm up!!!!  Moni has a big after school party planned for the 21st, should be lots of fun!   We are still with out nurses, and have not even got a yes or no.  But I did speak with a family law attorney and she let me know about the federal laws, and our rights.  Im pretty sure it wont take them to much longer to figure out our contract, at least I hope not.