Friday, August 27, 2010

Awesome day seeing Monster trucks

going to the track to see the monster trucks!
All of us with the driver of Captain USA Rodger Stidell (very nice guy)
hanging out with Kevin Lewis, Mike Pappas, Gary Schott, Darren Bast, Kelvin Ramer, Justin Cluster and Roger Stidell, these guys were so great, they signed posters for Sky gave him a monster truck, awesome group of people, we hope to one day see them all again!
Chan, Sky, Moni and The Patriot driver Kevin Lewis (very nice guy)
Sky and Keith with Tropical Thunder
Keith, Sky and I with King Crunch
our host Tony, what a guy! I could not Thank you enough
The family at the end of the dinosaur exhibit, very cool dinos!
the dude of the hour and his cotton candy, you cant go to the fair and not get Sky cotton candy!

We had such an AMAZING day, could not have been better, Tony from the Evergreen State fair treated us like stars. We got to get up close to see all the trucks, hear them fire up, meet the drivers and crews. We gave them SMA bracelets and they all are wearing them at tonight's show, where they will talk about our visit. I only wish we could of stayed for the show, but Sky has to eat and he does that best at home, and I was not happy with my suction machine, so we headed home after a couple of hours. These guys were awesome, it was like we all knew them and had been friends for years, I hope one day to take Sky back to an actual show.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Monster Trucks

Tomorrow is our big surprise for Sky, we will leave here about 3:30, when we get to the fair we will meet with Tony, he is making sure Sky can get in to see the trucks up close. Sky is going to be so excited!!!! and after the monster trucks we will be going to a very cool Dino exhibit. Ill post pictures tomorrow night! Ive got everything packed and charged, so all we have to do is get in the van and go! All Sky knows is its a BIG surprise, and we will be able to get some cotton candy.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

mellow week or two

Skylars Monster truck paintings

Sky is doing awesome, he has had LOTS of mommy time this past week, Moni and Chan are both gone. Chan comes home Sunday and Moni comes home on the 27th. Sky has been playing Little Big planet (with the help of mommy) and he has been having a blast. We are looking forward to a few last of summer outings in the next few weeks. First and most important the Monster truck show on the 27th, with a Dinosaur exhibit before the truck show. I havent told him, I want it to be a surprise!!!

We have school shopping to do, and lots of school things to get done, they do pictures before school starts hear. Moni will be starting drivers Ed (praying the first class dosent fill up or she will have to do the second one) either way I can not believe she will be driving soon (wow)

Friday, August 13, 2010

August is SMA Awareness month

MJ made this video, she is an amazing person who like Sky has SMA. Love you MJ, Thank you for making such a beautiful video!!!!!

Monday, August 09, 2010

Our Candles

Our candle from Diana Tucker
The photo was taken right before Skylars diagnoses of SMA, and the Blessings is from Auntie Ruthie.
Skylar with his SMA candle
Candle from Chandler (he is at his moms)
Candle from Dean and Moe
Candle from Kristina Axeford
Candle from Rutie, Larry, Sara and Ivan
Candle from Sherie
Candle from Shelley and Dale

Last night we lite our SMA candle or all SMA angels hear on earth and in Heaven, I was told by another SMA parent that in fact the candle lighting in next Saturday, but I know other SMA family's that did the same as us last night. What are you going to do. We will light our candle all week in remembrance of all the SMA children. Thank you everyone who lite a candle in honor of Skylar and his SMA friends!!!!

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Light Your Candle

August is SMA awareness month and tonight is the SMA candle lighting, please light a candle for all the children who have lost the fight with SMA, and for all the children who continue to fight SMA. Tonight Skylar will light his candle for ^Logan^ we miss him so much, such an awesome little man, love you Logibear!!!!!

Friday, August 06, 2010

Our day at the fair

Today was a great day, Moni had a few friends sleep over last night in anticipation on our local fair. This morning we packed everything up, waited for Grandpa to get here, and we headed out. Sky had a great time, we played a few games, bought some cotton candy, got Skys face painted and checked out the animals. The big kids stayed until 8:00 riding rides and hanging out with friends from school. It has been a wonderful day, I cant wait for the 26th, we are taking Sky to an even bigger fair to see Monster Trucks (shhh he dosent know)