Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Happy Halloween

Skylar didnt go trick or treating this year, it kinda bums me out, because every parent wants to dress there little ones up and take them out trick or treating... It was just to cold and we finally got the issue resolved with his humidity, I didnt want to chance anything. But Miss Monica got to go out trick or treating, she ran into one of her Girl Scout friends and walked around our neighborhood with Ellen and her parents... Chandler wasnt up to the Halloween thing this year so he didnt go. Monica had a blast, she came home a bit cold, but with lots of candy!!!!

Its hard to believe that this is Monica.... Oh the wonders of makeup!!!!!

It was funny Skylar saw Monica before she went out and started to cry, he didnt like her new look... Then Moni said something and he was good. Once he realized it was his big sister he was a HAPPY little bug again.
(picken his nose)

Monday, October 30, 2006


Skylar is absolutely amazing, he endures assisted coughing, suctioning, continuous PT of his legs, he has limited mobility, but 9 times out of 10 this what he does... he has the best smile and the best attitude. We are truly blessed to have such a loving and happy little boy!!!!

Friday, October 27, 2006


Ah theres nothing better then a nice cozy bed with pillows, my sippy full of milk and the SpongBob movie, life is good!!!!!
I know your sapose to put the pieces together, but I prefer to taste them, chew on the edges....
Im going fishing, Ill catch him... and if not this time it will back around in a min.....

Well Ive learned that Sky needs extra humidity in the house, especially when the weather is changing, so now I have the humidifier going 24/7. It makes it a tad warm in the house, but thats ok I figure the kids wont be so fast to turn up the heat this way. As the weather gets colder its dryer, and even though he is getting humidity through his trach all day long it isnt enough. The best discription is this, you know how your nose gets all dry? Well imagin that in your lungs? Its funny but thats somehing no one told us, we had to figure it out... It would of been nice to know what to expect. I guess it dosent really mater, because Skys doing great!!! He has the best family and support system in the world, we all love and adore him so very much!

Sunday, October 22, 2006

Just Being Cute

I just got out of the bath and man am I sleepy.... Whats this mamas got that camera again... Oh mama Im to tired to smile... OK... ok... Heres all I got, one big cheesie..... Can I go to bed now???
Oh man there she is again with that camera... One of these days... One of these days.... (na I love ya to much... but it is kinda funny)
Skylar is so funny, I know he dosent move around like most babies, but what e does is sometimes hilarious!

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Crazy Past Couple of Days

The past few days have been a little nuts here, as Skylar is dealing with a little cough, a dry cough. Its taken a little more effort to keep him clear. But in all he is doing pretty good with it. We hope and pray that this little cough is on its way out. He hasnt had a fever and he dosent seem to be in distress, or uncomfortable, just dry think bogies. So with the humidity up and the delicate balance of our lovely cough assist Ive managed to keep him pretty clear. All I can say is Thank God for who ever invented the cough assist, that machine is a God send.

Well after 2 days of a dry cough I got up what was bugging him, there was a little hair in his trach, I couldnt believe it. I try to be very very careful with all of Skys care....The good thing is, after I got it out he stopped coughing, his secretions went back to normal. I guess I have to be even more careful then I am now, I didnt think that was possible but its going to have to be.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Pumpkin Day At The Eichele's

Moms pumpkin a bug for my bug!!!!
Chans is a eagle, looks pretty cool huh!!!
And all of them at once.....

Ok Chan has finished up his pumpkin (without alot of help from mom) It turned out GREAt, and I got to carve mine as well today, so Im adding them to the ones I already have up! Cuddle time with my daddy!!!!
Yepp its SpongBob
Mickey Mouse Great Job Moni!!!

This was a great weekend, Monica was home so Saturday we all went for a long drive and had some lunch out, then we went and bought pumpkins. Monica got hers all ready and she even carved it all by herself this year, which is very cool. Because usually she has mom do alot of it, but no this year. And it turned out GREAT!!! Skylar wasn’t all to sure as to what those big orange things were, so today I sat down next to him and let him feel the outside and the inside, he thought that was pretty neat, and then he thought well maybe I should taste it. Yuck!!!! Anyways momma got that mess cleaned up and proceed to carve his pumpkin, before I finished it he was fast asleep, just like daddy who was watching the football game. In all it was a very good weekend!!!!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Visit From Grandma Foster

We had an added treat yesterday as Grandma Foster from Oregon stopped in for the night, it was a great visit. She enjoyed talking with the kids and holding her Skylar. She just left so unfortunately any appointments that were today will have to be rescheduled. But thats ok it was well worth the extra time with Grandma, we dont get to see her much, so it was very nice.I would like to ask anyone and everyone who reads this blog to please say a special prayer for our friend Connor, he is not having the best time right now at Childrens, his blog is linked to this one if you would go on to his blog and read whats happening would be great! Thank you

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

0 To 3 Follow Up

Skylar had his 0 to 3 fallow up yesterday evening with his case rep Joan... He is doing GREAT! We set goals for Skylar 6 months ago and he has accomplished all but a few of his goals. We are still working on sitting up and clapping. Those were the only ones he hasnt meet yet, and Im sure its due to being in the hospital for so long. And we are working on them, so hopefully we will have him there in a few months!!!! Other then that Skylar is doing so wonderfully right now.

Sky got a low fever this afternoon but his resp rate is normal and so are his secretions, so I think maybe he is cutting some eye teeth, I numbed him up and gave him a bit of Tylenol and he is sleeping like a baby right now. Its always kinda worry some when he dosent feel good, but everything resp wise is great, so I guess I shouldnt be a worry wart.

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Oh So Cute With Attitude

Happy and playen but I just noticed that little look in his eyes...... And there it is Skylar mad.... But it only last for about 10 seconds and he is doing something else being happy.
Skylar is so funny, we were playing this morning and he thought ok enough Im gonna be mad. These two pictures were literally taken 5 seconds apart. Anyways, he is doing GREAT!!! He loves getting out of this house, and I cant say I blame him (so do I)......

Sunday, October 08, 2006

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

18 Months Today

Wow Skylar has had one crazy and heart felt 7 months, he has been diagnosed with a horrible disease and been hospitalized and is now over coming a v-pap machine and rebuilding strength.It’s a slow long road, but its one he is succeeding at, everyday there is something new he is doing or trying, everyday there is room for more... He is simply amazing.... There is something about Skylar, something deep within that lets me know he will overcome all he is facing and he will be alright. My one and only wish for Skylar is a cure, and Im sure anyone with a baby with SMA would have the same wish.There are little things that are cherished so much, when Skylar says something, it is so wonderful. The other day he said bye dad, and Keith and I were in tears. He knows how to talk and he knows the words, its getting them up over his trach and threw his vocal cords that takes a bit of work, but he does it when he wants. I just hope it increases; I want to hear my little man cry when he is sad, and I want to hear him laugh when he is happy and I want to hear the words that I know he holds onto so well.I have to say; with everything Sky has been through he is such a happy, lovable, care free love bug.... He has a smile that just melts my heart.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Our First solid hour YEAH!!!!!

This is one very HAPPY little boy!!!! He loves his new found freedom.....
And just look at those stats... Way to go Big Bug!!!!!!

Well he did it, and he did GREAT! While off for Skys first solid hour we walked through the house and looked at all the pictures he use to love so much, we sat on the kitchen counter and gazed around and we got to kick it on the couch, it was really great.....

Monday, October 02, 2006

Funnen Around With My Daddy

Oh come on daddy what ya got up there???? Let me see, oh yeah Ill get it!!!

Daddys telling me a secret SHHH Singing and Oh So Happy

Just your ordinary day at the Eicheles, playing and singing and laughing and oh so many smiles. We are truly blessed by the love of our little bug, Skylar is so very precious!!!!