Monday, February 02, 2009

A Good Day

Skylar up and driving today, he wanted to go and wake dada up.

Our weather today was wonderful, the sun was out a little bit and it felt a little like Spring. I know we have a ways to go to get out of winter, but todays weather gave the feeling of hope and warmth :) Skylar is pretty much back to his cute little self, he is a busy little bee. Sky is getting a stander on the 11th so that will be fun to see how he does, if it goes well we will be ordering him one in a few weeks.


This video is Keith waking Chandler up on Saturday, its little dark, but it was pretty funny :)


Devon said...

Good good. Progress is always a good thing...

We're getting a stander soon. I hope it goes well for you guys!

Junior said...

Sky it is great to see you driving, can't wait to see how you like your stander. Junior loves his.

Izabell said...

ha that is too funny I wouldn't like to be woken like that but my parents probably thought about it when I was a teen!! So happy to read the Skylar is feeling better again!! go Skylar go!