Sunday, February 08, 2009

A Wonderful Weekend

Sky thinks he has Mamas coffee....
I changed his joy stick on his power chair to a tennis ball, it works much better now!

clippo eyes!

So cute, my little man feel asleep Friday night watching Spongebob, but he wanted his ear phones on, it took about 5 mins after I put them in his ears and he was out like a light.

Well this weekend I think is the 1st weekend in a while where Mr Skylar was good, not sick or coming out of sickness, just his normal self. It was so nice!!!! So keep your fingers crossed that he stays good and that there are no more crazy little illness knocking on his door. The past few weeks have been the most hard hit for Skylar ever, so its been a little nuts hear. i still have Christmas gifts wrapped on the table to be mailed out to a few little ones, and its Feb now (WOW)

So Skylar has been fever free for a week now, he had a low grade fever for about 5 days, nothing to big and bad just enough to make him cranky (but just a little) Tylenol was a buddy and as soon as it took he would be good. So thats gone, the feeding tube is gone, he is going on week 2 no NG. A little funny , for about 9 days the only way he would drink his milk was if I were blowing bubbles for him while eating (crazy kid). but as long as he was eating or drinking I didnt mind, and dont...

Our big kids are getting excited to go to No Way Out next Sunday, its a live pay per view at the key arena (lucky ducks) So Ill be making posters this week, so Sky and I can see them on TV on Sunday, also Sat I'm taking Miss Moni to get her hair and nails done, after that we will do some shopping, should be fun... We dont get to go do that very often so its a pretty special get away for us (even if for only a few hours) I cant wait!

Thats about it, I hope everyone has a great week and you all stay healthy!!!!

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Junior said...

Sounds like you had a great weekend. Sky your clippo eyes are just too funny.
I love the sleeping picture, precious.