Sunday, February 22, 2009

What Energy

well Mr Skylar has been on the go go go all weekend, right now he is the living room playing with his airplane, his red ball, listening to his fav rock n roll and watching Spongebob. now heaven for bid if I were to turn one off or take a toy away, he is enjoying all of them at the same time. Skylar had a great weekend, he was up in his power chair so much yesterday that we had to charge it twice, and he was in it this morning until it was time to charge it... Keith went shopping and found Sky 2 new Spongebob movies, he has been busy soaking them in, not that he hasnt seen them, just not all at once. Moni and Chan should be home from the others in a few hours. Its the peek of flu season hear, so I am Lysol control for the next month and a half. Lysol patrol is where every day I spray all (yes all) hard surfaces down and let sit, after its sat for a min or two I wash it all down with hot soapy water. Thank God Keith bought me more Lysol from Costco last night (Im sure Ill use them and more) Got to keep as many bugs away from my kids as I can.


Junior said...

Sky I am so happy to hear that you are full of energy. Have fun driving around on your cool wheels and watching sponge bob.
Big hugs, Heidi & Junior

Devon said...

Well yay! I'm glad he's doing so well! I love me some Lysol!