Sunday, February 15, 2009

No Way Out w/Pictures!!!

the chamber

Our favorite, The Undertaker

Keith and Skys sign, which I did see several time :)

Hornswoggle and Finlay, we love to watch both wrestle.


John Cena waiting in the chamber.
The kids and Keith had a blast, Skylar slept through the entire event, but I recorded it for him so he is watching it now and having a blast.

Well they are off, Keith, Moni and Chan have excellent seats for the WWE pay per view No Way Out, its going to be one heck of a show. All of the wrestlers my kids love will be there, they are so excited to see the Undertakers entrance (Lucky ducks) I cant wait to hear all about it and see the pictures. of course Skylar and I will be watching from home, and this time I know the seats they have will be vi sable, and we will see the sign Sky and I made for them to hold up. I cant wait!!!


Junior said...

So exciting, Skylar have fun watching at home with mom.
Big hugs, Heidi & Junior

Devon said...

Cool! Hope all enjoy!