Saturday, February 14, 2009

An outing with my Moni

As most of you know I do not get out much, especially during cold and flu season, Im in with my Sky. But Friday Keith had the day off, the kids had no school. So i took Miss Moni out. Our first stop was to make a hair appointment to get her a new dew, they couldnt see her until 3:30 so we headed off to McDonalds, order in drive through and parked to eat. After we were done eating the Montero wouldnt start, oh boy... I was able to get a jump and headed home to switch vehicles, I took my Montero and left the blue one home with Keith, Chan and Sky. Moni and I went shopping, then we went to cold stone ice cream and got shakes, (the best shake Id ever had) and went for hair cuts. Dad and Chan hung out at home with Skylar, Skylar was so excited to spend some time with the boys, that when I told him dada and bobo were going to hang out with him for the day all he could do was smile and wave bye bye to me (little munchkin) So when we got home I asked Chandler, how was playing mom for a few hours, and Chandler said you have a hard job and Im tired (too cute) Moni and I had a great time, she got some cute outfits, and now Im going to paint her nails for no way out tomorrow. Happy Valentines Day!!! Sheila

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Junior said...

So glad you had such a nice day with Moni. Sounds like Skylar had fun with the guys also.
Happy Valentines Day.