Friday, February 20, 2009

Ready for the weekend

Sky had fun playing with is big sis, she has this effect on him!!
Skylar being Ray Mysterio, I best watch out or he will sneak up on me and do the 619, this kids crazy sometimes in his chair.

oh my Mr wrestle wrestle

hanging out and playing with the airport, I think for Skys Birthday in April we are going to add on to this toy, make a little city for him.

Its been a good week, we go report cards, Chan has a 3.22 and Moni has a 3.8, I Love good report cards!! Way to go guys!!!! Moni and Chan had mid winter break Monday and Tuesday, so that was fun to have everyone home. Both kids got a lesson is cleaning Monday, they were disinfecting and dusting and doing laundry (it was kind of nice to have the help). Skys been doing great, just being a kid. Our weather this weekend should be nice, its been sunny almost all week (but still very cold) I cant wait for it to warm up enough so I can get Skylar outside... maybe in a few weeks. My dad was up yesterday, he had to take his RV in and have some work done before they head down to spring training. I like to have my dad up, we enjoyed lunch and got to spend a little bit of time by ourselves. No big plans for the weekend, just glad its almost hear!!!

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Junior said...

Skylar I love your mask, very cool. Have a fun weekend and keep on smiling(your smile is so cute).
Hugs,Heidi & Junior