Friday, February 27, 2009

Alls Well

Sky had it in for the pilot today, he was tyring to eat his head (Thank God its all one piece or he might of got it off)
Checking on the snow outside, oh yeah its still there, Sky likes it, myself Ive seen enough!

In motion

My beautiful boy

Got Milk?

Sky and I napping last night, Moni thought it funny so she took a pic. (its not very often I nap with Sky, but I was whooped)

Skys been doing great! Happy, playing, talking up a storm, keeping me on my toes. He has a rep for his power chair coming out next wednesday to make some adjustments, and maybe give him a different joy stick, we will see how it goes. other then that not much happening in our little world. Waiting for Spring to get hear, we are ready to get out of the house, maybe in a couple of weeks :)


Junior said...

Skylar I love seeing you so happy and active. Your airplane toy is so cool. Looks like you and mommy were all worn out.

Sheila those are wonderful pics of Sky, he is starting look so grown up.

Anonymous said...

Hello! I'm jealous. Always wanted to move to WA state and even got my professional license to work there, but now..have to stay in La. to be close to husband's family for Jojo's sake. Sky is beautiful!