Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Fun with pipe cleaners. And painted noses!

Skylar with his Plankton
All the wonderful creatures Sky asked to be made, we have butterfly's, dragon flys, apples, banana, spider, Patrick, Spongebob, Mr Crabs and Squidward.

Skylar sporting his pipe cleaner glasses and playing with all the shapes he wanted.

Oh i think he is going to like these :)

Skylar and his tag team champion belt!!!

Mr man up in red playing with his motor cycle and listening to music.

yes time off the machine, mama loves time off

Skylars spider he painted

A picture of my love bug!

OK look close, inside the drawing you can see where Skylar tried to write his name, SKY


Junior said...

Sky I love all your pipe cleaner creatures and also your drawings. Wooohoooo, way to go writing your name.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

Maria Baudin said...

Hello! Great idea about the pipe cleaners. Jojo and Sky will get along well watching SpongeBob together.

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