Saturday, April 04, 2009

Perfect Day

Playing with all the balloons

Having some carmel sunday

getting a bit messy (but he is spouse to right)

Looken cool in my shades, going for a Birthday drive!!!

Did someone say we were going to go get ice cream, oh ya this Birthday rocks!

Sky and all the balloons, his and Chans

dude LOVES his Birthday gifts, hermit crabs... He played with them for more then 3 hours today.

I think this one likes Sky as much as he likes it!!!!

This is the shy crab, he dosent come out of his shell like the other one, but Sky dosent seem to mind, he plays with this one too.

1 comment:

Junior said...

Sky it sure looks like you had fun on your birthday and I love your birthday presents.
Looking very cool in your shades.