Friday, April 17, 2009

Friday Post, Lolly pops, caterpillars, silly faces and the morning line up

Sky enjoying his butter scotch lolly pop

Silly undertaker faces, he was cracking him self up (and me too)

ok anyone who has not done the caterpillar thing, needs to!!! One week ago they were maybe 1/4 inch long and today they are headed up top to start to transform into butterflies, Sky has enjoyed seeing them grow every day and still does not believe me when I tell him they will be butterflies soon. So when they do come out of the cocoon he is going to be surprised!

our morning line up, my cats are so funny... we were only missing one this morning, and she isnt into crowds. from left to right: Baby Gator, Squig, Love, Smoke, Sassy, Elvis and Pat.


Maria B. said...

'Love the top most pic of Sky! Okay, we're going to order some caterpillars for Jojo soon...but let me see the butterflies first. :)

Tara & Mark said...

Yum, that sucker looks yummy, lol. I love the undertaker face! He looks as goofy as my little one. Love it!