Saturday, April 11, 2009

Eggs, bugs and crabs

I couldn't resist, and Sky loved it, what little boy wouldn't want a blues clue on an Easter egg.
Skylars eggs. I keep it simple no dye, just markers and a paint brush, plus it takes a little loner to color your eggs this way.

Our caterpillars came the other day, and Sky thinks they are pretty neat, he just watches them wiggle around.

And when they stop he shakes them

Last butt not least, Skys hermit crab loves to hide, I guess they all do, but this little guy keeps trying to hide under Skys butt.


Junior said...

Sky you did a great job on your eggs. I especially like the blues clues paw print one. Junior thinks your caterpillars and crab are very cool.
Big hugs.Heidi & Junior

Devon said...

Wonderful pictures! ANd you know, I had never thought of using markers. I can't imagine why I never thought of it, but there you

Anonymous said...

Happy Easter! I also like the Blues Clues egg. I'm curious to know how the caterpillars will turn out. Jojo has been asking for them since Christmas. Maria

amanda said...

Sky is so creative...I love looking at his artwork. Nice eggs.

And hermit crabs..we have tons and tons here at the beach hermits and shells. I would love to send Sky a shell for when his Hermit outgrows the one he's living in now. If that would be ok just let me know on my blog and we could make arrangments. I would like to paint a shell special for him and his crab;)

Anonymous said...

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