Saturday, April 04, 2009

Happy Birthday

Chan very happy with his new cell phone (we got him the Rant by Samsung) its a pretty cool phone!
Good morning my big 4 year old!!! Skylar very happy to wake up this morning to 4 balloons...

Skylar and his new fish Clue.... Its a royal blue Betta

Sky and one of his hermit crabs, this one is a little shy, the other one will walk all over you, Sky named them Spongebob and Patrick... So I think next time I go out Ill buy bigger shells and paint them like Spongebob and Patrick.

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday Sky and Chandler, Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Sky woke up a happy 4 year old his morning and Chandler is a sleeping 14 year old...
I dont know what our day will hold, but I do know everyone is happy, healthy and excited about being 4 and 14. The weather is excellent right now so we will all go get some ice cream later and take a little drive, I still have a few goodies to wrap and give to Sky... Its just going to be the perfect day spent with my family :)

I hope you two have the best day ever, I Love You mom


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sky! Have a great day today and a super birthday weekend!
Debby & Veronica

Junior said...

Happy Birthday to both of you.
Sky looks like he loves his fish and crabs, sure gave them great names.
Have wonderful day

Izabell said...

happy birthday skylar!! love izzy!

Devon said...

Hooray and Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!!

amanda said...

Happy Birthday little Brother and Big Brother!

April is a popular birthday month just as much as September.

The last 3 blogs I've been to everyone is celebrating birthdays, and in my family we have celebrated 3 birthdays this weekend as well!

On wanting to send Sky a shell for his hermit crab in another one of my of my first thoughts was painting spongebob on a shell for him, but not that I was actually going to do it. It was just the first thought of course-lol because spongebob is mentioned so much, and is visible so much here on his blog you do for him. I can't wait to see them when you paint them.