Wednesday, April 01, 2009

April Fools

I think God had a conversation with the weather man, it is the 1st day of April and it is snowing hear. Its not sticking, but Im a little tired of seeing the white stuff fall.


Junior said...

oh my goodness can't believe you have snow. We have some crazy wind and its getting ready to rain, but its warm here.
Hope it leaves quickly and you get some warm weather

Maria B. said...

And here in Louisiana, we go from having perfect spring days to nasty, stormy weather and tornado watch/warning. What Jojo would do just to see some snow! Up until early March he kept saying with great disappointment on his face that "It's never going to snow." Please stay healthy.

amanda said...

Hop on Sky's wheels and you guys fly on in here to Myrtle Beach;) Welcome anytime.