Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Hand Washing

Ok to most of us hand washing, isnt rocket science. But, most people are unaware, and just dont know. So Im going to break it down, washing your hands can keep you free from illnesses like the flu, a cold or now swine flu. Keeping your hands away from your face can help you avoid getting sick, sanitizing when you cant wash can help kill the bugs that live on our hands.

When I was a kid, if any of us kids got sick, our parents had us stay home (IN BED) until we were better. Now a days, parents send there kids to school with fevers, coughs, green and yellow snot. What the heck happened, Im not that old, but so much common since has been lost.

So please everyone, we have a nasty bug in our country, help fight it, wash your hands!

A little experiment
Next time you have to go shopping, be it be for food, clothing whatever. Take 3 mins while in the store, and just watch the other people. Im sure you will see, someone rubbing there nose and touching something, someone sneezing and then touching something and someone coughing and then touching something.
This is how nasty bugs spread, someone not feeling well has just left a little nasty something for the next guy or gal. All it takes is someone else picking that sneezed on item up, and lets say they get a tickle on their face so they rub it, in fact they are rubbing the other persons germs all over their face.
I see it each and every time I go out, its pretty nasty. No one will sanitize and almost no one will cover, and if they do cover its covered with hands and not the inner part of your arm.


Junior said...

Great reminder Sheila, we don't go anywhere without our hand sanitizer but hand washing is best.

Tara & Mark said...

Well said Sheila, I couldn't agree more!!

Devon said...

Oh girl, no kidding. I cannot BELIEVE the idiots out there. AGH!!!!!

amanda said...

I know! I've seen people walk out of a bathroom without washing their hands, and you know I think that is just really nasty, selfish and disrespectful.

And...parents have been known to send their kids to school with a fever hidden behind motrin or tylenol. Then the contagion spreads all over and spills over into dr's offices.

Probably what I think will eventaully happen is fever reducers will not be available without a prescription because of parents like this.