Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Mr Sleepy, we had a busy afternoon while Keith ran across the state picking up our big kids, Sky enjoyed over 5 hours in his red chair, we drew, raced cars and enjoyed some goodies. he was down long enough to get his butt changed and drink half his milk.
enjoying his Spongebob sucker

NOT liking the hat, but it was from grandma Helen so we had to put it on, especially while racing Mater and Lightning.

All slicked back looking oh so cute!!!!

Enjoying a Spongebob cartoon

so cute!!!

Brave boy, still loves his crabs, one got away from us earlier today, it took me 20 mins to find it hiding in some stuffed animals.


Junior said...

Sky you had a very busy Easter, sure looks like fun. You are very brave, not sure I would want to hold a crab. Happy Easter

amanda said...

Happy Easter!

When you said "Enjoying his spongebob sucker...I thought you were talking about that cute, sweet first photo of him with his milk cup-lol

Lora said...

Cute pics! Happy Easter Sky and Sheila! :)