Monday, December 22, 2008

A Strange Past Few Weeks

Well the last 3 weeks have been interesting, all the snow we got and Skys head cold/era infection and now who knows what. Yep he is still feeling pretty puny, he was feeling pretty good but the last 24 hours, Skys showing me signs of something brewing. So Ive sent in a sputum specimen and had a script done up for a broad band antibiotic, he will take the antibiotic until we see if anything grows. If nothing grows then we will stop the antibiotics. And just keep up with neb and cough assist until whatever this is clears. Im almost thinking it is his inner ear still bothering him, and maybe a tummy bug, his appetite stinks, but Im keeping him hydrated with pedi pops and water (thats all he wants) his stats are all good except for his HR which has been up by about 10 to 20 then his norm, everything in his chest is easy to get out with a neb and a cough session and suction, so cross your fingers that what ever this, it is gone soon and my bug starts feeling better soon. You can just tell he dosent feel so hot (poor peanut).


hjoy said...

Oh poor Sky, no fun to not feel good at Christmas. Tell him we sure hope he feels better.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior

Izabell said...

we hope your feeling better Skylar! happy holidays!