Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Prayers

Id like to ask everyone out there who reads Skys blog to say a prayer of fast healing. His sputum spec came back positive for staff and phusdamonus (sp) he is on augmenton to clear the staff an we start tobi nebs tomorrow. Sky is doing ok, his stats are good, his HR is about 10 to 20 higher then his norm, and his resp rate is normal about 80% of the time, his oxygen is normal too, but you can tell by looking at him that he feels like crap. His appetite is still small, but Im keeping him hydrated, he is eating gogurts and ice creams, water and pedi pops, I wish i could get him to take some milk, but so far no go. His dad and I are going to see about a feeding tube this spring, its so scary knowing he isnt getting all he needs, but he is getting some, and it is getting better, so pray his appetite comes back soon!!! Im going to have his ped stop by tomorrow to check on him, and we have our DME home care company coming out to set me up for the tobi (skys never had it before) and I guess you need a special filter while doing it in line. Right now, he acts as if he has a tummy ache and a soar throat. I just wish he was feeling better and not sick, I hate seeing my baby sick. Thank s and Merry Christmas Sheila


hjoy said...

Oh Sky I am so sorry to hear that you are not feeling well on Christmas. We are saying lots of prayers that you will get well quick.

Sheila, Junior is having Tobi delivered tomorrow also and it is the first time we have used it. Praying it works for both of them.

Izabell said...

sending our love and prayers to you and Skylar! love wyndi and Izzy!

amanda said...

Sending warm hugs and prayers for your sweet baby to feel better soon....all the way from Myrtle Beach