Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Pictures

Moni and Chan with the gaming chairs
Sky not feeling so hot sleeping with his Dora map

Sky playing with his handy dandy note book and blue

Skylar loven his Spongebob tent

Oh feeling a little ruff, must have a fever

Surprise, the look on Moni and Chans face is just great!

Sky and his fly boat

oh my big kids, they are so funny

waiting to open gifts

a little snack before opening gifts
Sky seems to be a little better today, not so crabby, up more and talking just a little bit more, he is eating his pedi pops and actually asked for milk this morning, granted he only drank about an ounce, but we had enough of other liquids after that.
Moni and Chan are at the others until Sunday for Chan and Monday for Moni, Tuesday we have grandma Helen over and my dad (I think) a late Christmas... we had to cancel others plans due to the snow (but thats now melting YA)
Wednesday I turn 38, yep New years Eve, my sister Kristien also will be turning 23... yeah both of us have the same birthday. So we will have a quite night watch fireworks, wish each other a happy new year and go to bed. Pretty exciting huh!


hjoy said...

Looks like you had a great Christmas, love the pictures.
Sky I just love your Blues Clues stuff, sure hope you are feeling better.

Izabell said...

keep getting better skylar! we are sending well wishes! hope the snow melts and set us all free soon:)