Saturday, December 13, 2008

Back From Disney Land

Monica and her new mini Mouse Santa hat, its almost as cute as she is!!!
Moni and Chan happy to be home!!!!

Skylar Mouse! A gift from Chandler.

Gifts from Moni and Chan.

My big kids having fun!!!

Moni took this one, what a magical place.

Love this one, my dad is behind Chandler, and as you can see my Dad LOVED it, Im not so sure about Chandler though!

Monica took this one too, what a tree!

My dad wearing Chans new hat.

My dad and Chan getting ready to go on a ride.

it is so good to have my big kids home, they had so much fun. The flight home was delayed, and it was very bumpy due to our weather. but they are home safe and sound. They just left to go buy a Christmas tree for the game room. Yes I know 2 trees, but to be honest its needed, I ran out of room (I guess i dont need to shop so early, cause I keep buying more and more as Christmas gets closer) none the less its going to be a fantastic day drinking coco with my kids, listening to Christmas music, snacking on Chocolate and decorating a tree.... Also we have snow, that makes everything feel a little bit more festive. Ive ordered our prime rib for our Christmas dinner, and Im looking forward to next Sunday when we have family out for dinner and gifts for the kids. Did I say I love Christmas? Well I do its my favorite time of year!!!! Skylars doing better almost 100%, he has just a little congestion in his nose, but its so much better!!!

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hjoy said...

Sheila it sure looks like your kids had a wonderful time. Sky I love your Mouse ears.
A second tree that sounds like fun, have a wonderful day.