Friday, December 26, 2008


Sky is resting a bit more today, as he did yesterday, when he is awake he is grumpy and not at all a happy camper, (I see that as a good sign) Ill take grumpy all day if I have to. So we started his tobi today, (wow) that stuff is spendy a months supply is over 4000. Thank god for good health insurance! He is taking his meds and drinking enough to stay hydrated, i did inquire about a NG tube today and was told yes. Keith is picking them up now, so we have it on hand if Skys drinking lessons or he shows signs of getting worse. his stats are just wonderful, he is sounding very clear and not needing extra treatments. We also got a shiley trach today, Ill treat it like gold as our DME has had them on back order now for over a month. So Im praying that by Sunday we will start to see some improvements, by then he will be on the augmenton for 5 days and tobi for 3. Lots of prayers headed every ones way who is under the weather, please pray that Sky continues to do well, and can heal from this bug at home. Sheila

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hjoy said...

Sheila we are praying that Sky will get over this quickly.
Hugs, Heidi & Junior