Saturday, December 20, 2008

Getting Ready

Today we will spend a good part of our day getting ready for tonight's storm. We should get more snow (ya) and wind. So Keith will be busy filling gas cans for the generator, Im busy cleaning and making sure we have all the goodies we need. Charging batteries for Skys equipment. I pray that this storm is short, and that if power is lost, its regained fast! Everyone out there stay safe and warm.


hjoy said...

Prayers that the storm moves through quickly and you don't lose power.
Stay warm.
We are supposed to have storms coming in tomorrow but we don't get snow.

Izabell said...

we hope the storm is not as bad as they are saying for all of our sakes:) We are sending love and hoping you all stay warm and safe~ happy holidays too:) Wyndi and Izzy