Thursday, December 18, 2008

Its out of control

our porch
monis little snowman turned alien

our trees, we lost a few branches and one hit the house, but all seems ok. Im sure we will lose many more before the snow goes away.

the top of a 80 foot old growth cedar.

Update, we have power!!!!!

Well our snow is still falling, and I see no end in sight. we have at least 3 feet heat (yes 3 feet) our power has been out for a day now. Were not sure when it will be back up, Thank God for a good generator. Its keeping Skys equipment going, and our blower for the propane fireplace running, so were all warm. Just buried! pictures to follow after we get power back.


hjoy said...

3 feet, oh my goodness. Can't wait to see the pictures. Stay warm.

hjoy said...

So glad the power is back. Wow, can you even get out your door with all that snow.