Thursday, October 01, 2009

Play Time

NO idea why this poste sideways, and it wont let me fix it (sorry)

Skylar has been keeping me very busy the past few days, he is enjoying his time off his machines and actually asking for time off now (which is wonderful) he has found that his remote control cars race much better on the kitchen floor, and that if you set up 16 oz cups to crash into its even more fun. Time down has been limited, but when he has been down, he has been breaking in his
GEO Track train set.


Junior said...

oh Sheila I love the video of sky driving his car, so cool.

Maria B. said...

Can't believe I've been missing out on these videos! I showed Jojo the videos and he loved the one with the kitten and where Sky was driving his car into the cups. My husband really needs to learn how to adapt toys for Jojo. As for me, I'm not so mechanically/electrically inclined. We're thinking of asking Jana Gundy to adapt a vsmile for a Christmas/birthday gift to Jojo. OK, I'm rambling now. Have a great week!