Monday, October 26, 2009

Colds, Pumpkins and Yummy Treats

Sky this afternoon racing his cars
Some of the pumpkins, we have 4 or 5 more to carve
eating some homemade frosting
Decorating his cupcakes

Skys cupcakes
Monis homemade cake and frosting

So everyone in our house has been dealing with a cold off and on for the past week. I feel confident that it is just that, a cold (rhino virus). No temps, no chills, no fatigue, just runny nose and junk in the trunk. It never amazes me on how careful we are and how much I disinfect, that germs can run so rampit in our home.

Skylar has also come down with this cold, I think Im the only one who has not (and Im praying it stays that way) Sky is doing great, eating, playing, up in his chairs, talking and doing his norm except for the junk in his chest and runny nose. i will say the junk is getting better, not as much today as yesterday. So Im hopeful that with a few more sleepless nights Ill be able to get him back to his norm. Right now his sats are great 96 to 98 HR is up a little but not much and his RR is normal. Im doing cough and CPT with saline and albuterol nebs every 3 hours, so he is getting medicated nebs every 6 hours. no over the counter meds needed. If you didnt listen to him or suction him, you would not know there was a cold in his chest.

Chan is doing good, his tooth has not changed colors, so we are hopeful that it wont!


Junior said...

Sure hope the colds leave your home in a hurry.

Wow look at all those pumpkins, you guys did an awesome job carving them.
Sky I love your cupcakes and Moni's cake turned our really cute also.

Maria B. said...

I hope everyone is feeling better. Halloween looks like such a fun holiday for your family. Sky, I really wish you lived closer. Jojo would have fun racing cars with you. Take care and Happy Halloween!

amanda said...

Hope you all feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

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